WEBINAR — Live Long and Prosper: Functional and Integrative Medicine for Cardiovascular Health

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Friends Life Care invites you to listen to this webinar from the dedicated professionals at Philadelphia Integrative Medicine.  You will hear about risks for cardiovascular disease, testing options, important lifestyle interventions and more.

Heart disease is not just about low serum cholesterol. Blood sugar, blood vessel health and body composition are also key determining factors in heart health. As the leading cause of death in the US, heart disease can be prevented and even reversed through integrative interventions.

Watching this webinar can provide you with important information to help maximize your heart health.  Simply click on the arrow in the image below to view it:

At Friends Life Care, we’re committed to health and wellness.  And so, they developed an award-winning philosophy called VigR. VigR stands for Vitality Independence Growth and Resilience.  This presentation is one example of how Friends Life Care delivers on this commitment and philosophy.  Check out other webinars, workshops and enriching experiences offered to Friends Life Care members and friends.  And register today – space may be limited.

Friends Life Care thanks Philadelphia Integrative Medicine for this Heart Health Webinar. Visit their website to learn more.

  • Annmarie McManus, MMSc, PT, PA-C, IFMCP
  • Georgia Tetlow, MD, ABOIM, IFMCP
  • Lauren Houser, CRNP
  • Rachel Hershberger, MS, CNS, LDN

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