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5 tips for safe spring cleaning

By Michele McGovern
March 15th, 2021 Health & Wellness No Comments

Time to turn the page on winter doldrums and give a nod to spring. And no better time than now to think about spring cleaning, whether you endear or dread it.

Spring cleaning will help clear your home and mind – a sort of physical and mental decluttering.

Of course, older adults want to put personal safety at the forefront of any cleaning effort so you can continue to age in place for years to come.

With that always in mind, here are five tips to get your home clean for the spring.
Start with a list
Write it on a piece of paper or make notes in your tablet. But b…

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simple life

Remember that song by Tony Bennett, “Give Me the Simple Life?”

I don’t believe in frettin’ and grievin’;
Why mess around with strife?
I never was cut out to step and strut out.
Give me the simple life.

Some find it pleasant dining on pheasant.
Those things roll off my knife;
Just serve me tomatoes; and mashed potatoes;
Give me the simple life.

A cottage small is all I’m after,
Not one that’s spacious and wide.
A house that rings with joy and laughter
And the ones you love inside.

Some like the high road, I like the low road,
Free from the care and …

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maximize spring like nature

For many years I wondered why there was so much hype about the arrival of spring. I grew up in the tropics, where there is one season but four variations on it—stifling hot, very hot, hot, not so hot. Then I left my home to attend college in North America. I arrived at a time the residents called autumn, and before I was able to adapt to that season, along came the one they called winter. By March of the following year, I, too, was hyped, watching, praying, preparing for this season they called spring. For they promised me that in spring nature would get back all her hues…

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Living a minimalist lifestyle gained national attention after the release of the 2015 film Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. Over the past three years the makers of the film, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, have helped over 20 million people attain meaningful lives while living with less.

So what is minimalism? Although it holds a different meaning for everyone, the concept can generally be defined as “the intentional promotion of the things people value most and the removal of everything that distracts from them.”

For example… Let…

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Imagine the feeling of turning unwanted clutter and junk around the house into cash. Thanks to technology, there are several ways to accomplish this goal, but the tried and true garage sale often works the best–especially for older adults.
Having a garage sale does take work. The better the plan, the more successful the garage sale, which means more money in your pocket and less useless items around the house.
The organizing, advertising, and running of the sale can all be incredibly frustrating ordeals. Follow these steps to avoid massive headaches and issues along the …

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