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There are a number of biological processes in our body involved in regulating our sleep.  One of the most important components of this system is our internal body clock.  There is a part of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN for short) that serves as a “master clock”.  The SCN keeps our body on a regular, 24-hour rhythm.
Almost everything in the body follows a 24-hour rhythm.

Body temperature follows a daily rhythm.  Our coolest point occurs early in the morning.  And our temperature peaks in the early part of the night.
Many hormones in our bod…

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Spend five minutes practicing mindfulness today, and you can help improve your life.

Even older adults who claimed they didn’t have the time, patience or attention span for it have found big benefits from a tiny act of mindfulness – which is the practice of focusing on and being fully aware of the present moment and nothing else.

With that, you also calmly accept your feelings, thoughts and sensations without judgement. It’s a quiet, still practice with lasting positive mental and physical effects.
Research proves the benefits
Mindfulness helps older adults maintain…

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Mindfulness & The Art of Gratitude

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October 12th, 2020 Health & Wellness No Comments

Sometimes delays are gifts.
I remember a day in 2017.  It had been a particularly busy one.  And I was in transit to continue on with “more busy-ness”. On top of everything else, it had rained all day.  It was one of those dismal afternoons. When all of a sudden, traffic backed up on this particular overpass and came to a complete standstill for about 10 minutes. However, had this not occurred in this exact spot, at this exact time, I would have missed the view of this beautiful rainbow.

Most, if not all, cultures and spiritual orientations have given meaning to …

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It is October.  The first 9 months of 2020 have served up many challenges and hardships. And there does not seem to be an end in sight.  All the world has been affected. And personally, we have had to deal with so much.  Truly, this has forced us to dig in and call upon our ability to be resilient.
Strength against adversity.
The image of a single tree growing in a desert illustrates what being resilient can feel like.  Resilience helps us survive, and even thrive, during such difficult times.

This video from Friends Life Care’s Director of Wellness Initiatives spe…

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Eating healthy should be enjoyable, whether you’re homebound or on the go.

But older adults sometimes lose interest in eating, find food preparation taxing or leave behind good eating habits. And that’s dangerous because eating right can help keep your body and mind healthy and extend your quality of life, according to researchers at Harvard University.

Fortunately, older adults can start or reignite necessary healthy eating habits, regardless of their activity and mobility levels.

“An important consideration, is it’s never too late to build better habits and impro…

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