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Living independently in your own home for as long as you can is important to many aging Americans.
But not all homes are suitable for individuals with physical limitations or disabilities. A key to aging in place and living independently is making sure your home can accommodate your needs, as well as those of anyone in the house with you.

This guide is meant to help you think about what the entrance to your home may need as you and your loved ones age to keep it safe and accessible.

Areas to focus on:
Stairs — or even a single step — can be the biggest b…

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Today, many seniors wish to age in place — in the home they’ve known and loved for decades.

But one of the biggest requirements for aging in place is continuing to eat healthy. As seniors age, grocery shopping and cooking may become much harder. As a result it becomes very tempting to dine out frequently or purchase pre-packaged, frozen meals.

The problem is, if you’re not careful, restaurant dining and microwavable frozen meals can be high in sodium and fats. They can also make it harder to stick to dietary restrictions.

So where can seniors living at home –…

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Happy Chinese New Year. What's your Zodiac Sign?

Welcome to the Year of the Dog!
February 16 marks the beginning of the 2018 Chinese New Year. As we say goodbye to the Year of the Rooster and welcome in the Year of the Dog, there may be one question on your mind: “Am I anything like my Chinese Zodiac sign?” Find out the answer, plus a brief history of today’s Chinese holiday, below!

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in Chinese culture. The 23-day celebration is a time for renewal, as well as honoring household and heavenly deities and ancestors. Family memb…

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Healthy Eating as You Age

By Cheryl Proska

The body changes dramatically past the age of 60. Eating a well-balanced diet is vital to staying healthy, maintaining a healthy weight and feeling energized.
Food provides nutrients to the body, but as people age, their nutritional needs, appetite, and food habits change as well. According to the National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging, 1-in-4 older Americans suffers from poor nutritional habits.

Malnutrition puts seniors at risk of unhealthy weight, weakened muscles and bones, and diseases such as heart failure and diabetes.

Making wise and healthy food cho…

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good bone health

Did you see our most recent Webinar?
We recently held a Webinar, “Taking Charge of Your Bone Health” as part of our VigR® philosophy focused on wellness through Vitality, Independence, Growth and Resilience. The online presentation was chock full of interesting and important information that can help us maintain, and even improve, our bone health as we age. During the webinar, physical therapist Joanne Fagerstrom explained what osteoporosis is, the importance of proper posture, and discussed each of the five domains of fitness as they relate to healthy bones. These f…

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