Friends Life Care Partners is excited to announce that we have earned platinum SAGECare credentialing!

What Does That Mean?

100% of Friends Life Care Partners staff completed SAGECare online training “Supporting LGBT Older Adults.” Our Leadership Team also met with a SAGECare representative to review our policies and procedures as they relate to the material we learned.

Through this training, we gained a better understanding of the unique needs of LGBT older adults, the various rights and protections extended to LGBT residents, and other best practices for cre…

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Today I am writing about the last Quaker testimonial.  It is the second “S” in the SPICES acronym: Stewardship.

As I ponder this value for myself, it reminds me to truly be a steward of my own personal gifts and talents.  In addition, it compels me to give back and to seek to leave the world a better place.
What Stewardship Means to Quakers
For people in the Quaker faith, the meaning of Stewardship starts at the personal level.  From there, it expands to become more far-reaching.

According to the American Friends Service Committee, “Friends strive to use Go…

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There are over 300,000 Quakers around the world.  The highest concentration is in Africa.  Although it can be challenging to get an exact count among all the branches, it is estimated that there are around 75,000 Quakers in the United States. This is the Quaker Community and brings to life an important Quaker value – the “C” of the SPICES “Community”.

A map developed by the Friends World Committee for Consultation shows concentrations of Quaker Communities across the world. It includes the various branches of Quakerism.  These branches share a connection in the Socie…

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In this post, I continue to feature important Quaker values called the SPICES.  SPICES is an acronym for Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship.
A Life Lived with Honesty
In Quakerism and for me, integrity means a life lived with honesty.  It requires following a path of upright ethics, unbending principles as well as truth seeking and being.  When we are transparent with pure motives rather, than a  personal agenda, then and only then can we have true integrity.

This value is always so incredibly important; and could especially use a boo…

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Friends Life Care Partners joined the Brighten A Day nonprofit organization to send cards filled with hope, joy, and inspiration to individuals experiencing loneliness and isolation.

We are delighted to report that Friends Life Care Partners staff completed over 400 cards and pieces of handmade artwork to send to Brighten A Day!

This initiative to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of service was spearheaded by Friends Life Care’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force with help from other project supporters. The task force is also working to continue our par…

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