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It truly is a magical time of the year. It is magical in the way it seems to transform individuals—children and adults—to kinder, happier people. The effect that the Christmas season has on our mood, our attitude, is undoubtedly positive. We are nicer, more apt to laugh and play and party. We are quicker to share, to give, to be generous.

For some of us older adults, however, the Christmas season also means that our grief is heightened and our sadness deepened as we become more mindful of what we may have lost in the way of health, money, companionship, independence….

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Thanksgiving header

Oh please, not another blog about how wonderful Thanksgiving is! No, it’s not. I know Thanksgiving blogs come a dime a dozen, as we say, and you have better things to do right now than read a sentimental blog. So, here goes: just keep five things in mind this Thanksgiving if you want to have a pleasant, memorable time.

Remember why you eat: for a strong body, sharp mind, and the energy to lead an active lifestyle.

Do not allow the Thanksgiving dinner to be an excuse to eat dishes that do not support your health goals. A recent online poll revealed that  the major…

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Every August, teens leave home for college and embark on a new and exciting chapter in life, but they are not the only people facing a new beginning. Parents left with a suddenly empty nest must also begin again and live a life without kids residing in their home. Managing this transition is tricky for kids and adults.
Some parents must deal with the sadness of children leaving the nest, while at the same time, handling an aging parent. While one family member is preparing for life on his own, another is slowly becoming more dependent on adult children for support. These s…

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In the classic children’s book, A Light In the Attic, author Shel Silverstein proclaimed:

“There are no happy endings.

Endings are the saddest part, so just give me a happy middle, and a very happy start.”

Silverstein was right. There’s often nothing happy about the end of anything, especially the passing of a spouse, parent or beloved pet. But ending and loss are moments every human will experience.

Of course, loss is not just death. Loss can include life changes that are positive ones such as a child moving away to college or out of the country for…

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friends at any age - seniors boomers

This is the first post in our series about the potential for rich life transformation for Boomers and Seniors through the natural occurrence of loss and grief.  A loss is a part of life and everyone will inevitably experience it at some point. A big challenge many face understanding the loss, accepting the grief and powering up to move toward a new reality…sometimes maybe even a better one.  So, it is about life transitions, but more than that.  

One of the Friends Life Care Care Coordinators brings this heart-warming story.  It is about the sense of loss associate…

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