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Older adults can make 2022 even better by following – and perhaps even falling in love with – some of the biggest wellness trends this year.

And one of the best things about wellness is you can focus on one, several or all areas of it.

Wellness covers a lot of ground – physical, social, intellectual, financial, spiritual, emotional and occupational. Some areas might be more important than others to you now, as the pandemic still lingers on. And other areas might be more important as the year – or years – goes by.

What’s important, is to focus on wellness trends tha…

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Many older adults look to the holiday season with anxiety, rather than excitement. The problem: You might have to deal with loneliness or other difficult emotions.

Whether alone or not, some adults feel shrouded in loneliness throughout the holidays. How can that be? Sometimes bad weather, unexpected delays or even a pandemic lead to lonely days. Or some older adults live alone or far from family. On the other hand, older adults can also feel alone in a sea of people and activity because they might miss those who aren’t there or struggle with hearing.

The Centers for …

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Holiday stress takes on a whole new meaning this year.

You might face the standard holiday stressors – too much to do and too many people to please. Then there are stressors added by COVID-19 – perhaps fear of the illness, sadness from isolation and concerns about family and friends.

In fact, 64% of people admit they suffer from some degree of holiday blues, according to a study published in the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Nearly 25% say the stress and blues affect them a lot.

So it’s time to get ahead of the stress and work toward enjoying the best of th…

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resilient and thrive as older adults

If you have lived here as long as I have on this earth, you will agree that stress is a part of life. So, why do we still complain about it? After all, wasn’t life harsher for our parents and grandparents? Did they not experience more adversity in life than we have?  Whatever form stress takes, it is here to stay. Is it because at some deep level, “we need to have challenge, something to test our mettle, prove our resilience, and make us stronger?” That question is posed by Dr. Joel Bennett in his book Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving. Dr. Bennett believes w…

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“There is nothing new under the sun.”

“The only constant is change.”[1]

We older adults are familiar with change. We’ve lived long enough and had the diversity of experiences to know that yes, there is nothing new under the sun and yes, change is constant.

But this time, change, well, seems a bit different.

It’s different because we don’t know what we’re changing to, we don’t know what the results of all this change will be. Nobody seems to know.

Do not shake hands. Wear face masks. Practice social or physical distancing. Do not have a gathe…

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