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Many older adults look to the holiday season with anxiety, rather than excitement. The problem: You might have to deal with loneliness or other difficult emotions.

Whether alone or not, some adults feel shrouded in loneliness throughout the holidays. How can that be? Sometimes bad weather, unexpected delays or even a pandemic lead to lonely days. Or some older adults live alone or far from family. On the other hand, older adults can also feel alone in a sea of people and activity because they might miss those who aren’t there or struggle with hearing.

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Know You’re Not Alone

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My niece had asked me to become her so-called doula. By the
time I arrived at the hospital, the new addition to the family had arrived
already. The baby had come four weeks early, but the nurses were ready,
preparing her for the new world. The newborn was hungry; so they fed her as my
niece gradually recovered from the anesthesia. But once awakened, they were
adamant that my niece hold her baby and make the “skin-to-skin” connection—the
bonding process. The newborn needed connection and love to feel safe in the
cold, sterile room outside the warm womb that had incuba…

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