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Nothing beats spending quality time with your grandchildren, but as the temperatures outside drop during the winter, it can significantly limit your options when choosing activities kids will enjoy.

Thankfully, there’s a plethora of indoor activities grandkids, as well as grandparents, can enjoy doing together. Of course, there are the usual ideas — books, board games, coloring and drawing — but you didn’t come here for those. You came here for ideas you wouldn’t typically come up with on your own.

So here are some unique and fun indoor activities you can do w…

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Winter is filled with weather catastrophes. Between the “bomb cyclones” dumping mounds of snow, and powerful rainstorms toppling trees and power lines, it’s a wonder any home remains standing.
Weatherproofed homes are a necessity no matter the climate, and there are several uncomplicated and efficient ways to keep your home insulated, energy-efficient and safe.
Here are some weatherproofing ideas to consider for this winter and all of the seasons ahead.

Weatherproofing Outside the House

Inspect the Roof
Inspect the roof of your house, detached garage and tool she…

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Everyone has strong feelings about New Year’s resolutions. There are people who feel that making, and sticking to, a New Year’s Resolution is vital to starting the year on the right foot. The opposing camp feels that setting a New Year’s resolution is pointless because the intention is never seen through to the end.

New Year’s resolutions are an important practice for older adults as long as goals are broad. We suggest everyone make a New Year’s resolution while keeping in mind one of the eight dimensions of wellness. The dimensions of wellness are ideas that a…

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Happy New Year!

By Friends Life Care Contributors
December 29th, 2017 For Members, Health & Wellness 1 Comment

Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year from all of us at Friends Life Care!…

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