It truly is a magical time of the year. It is magical in the way it seems to transform individuals—children and adults—to kinder, happier people. The effect that the Christmas season has on our mood, our attitude, is undoubtedly positive. We are nicer, more apt to laugh and play and party. We are quicker to share, to give, to be generous.

For some of us older adults, however, the Christmas season also means that our grief is heightened and our sadness deepened as we become more mindful of what we may have lost in the way of health, money, companionship, independence….

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The 15th Annual Best of Friends Award Ceremony was held by Friends Life Care on November 14, 2019.  This important award reflects the importance of the decades long mission of Friends Life Care — to help people remain in their home as they age.

During the ceremony, a group of exceptional home health care aides were recognized and rewarded.  They were honored for their significant contribution to the wellbeing of the Friends Life Care members they serve – people often challenged by significant health concerns as they age in their own homes.

The winners of a Best o…

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Thanksgiving header

Oh please, not another blog about how wonderful Thanksgiving is! No, it’s not. I know Thanksgiving blogs come a dime a dozen, as we say, and you have better things to do right now than read a sentimental blog. So, here goes: just keep five things in mind this Thanksgiving if you want to have a pleasant, memorable time.

Remember why you eat: for a strong body, sharp mind, and the energy to lead an active lifestyle.

Do not allow the Thanksgiving dinner to be an excuse to eat dishes that do not support your health goals. A recent online poll revealed that  the major…

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Thanksgiving and Older Adults

By Etta Hornsteiner
November 4th, 2019 Health & Wellness 5 Comments
Thanksgiving with three generations

If Christmas is for children, Thanksgiving is for older adults. And that’s because Thanksgiving is about applying gratitude.

“Gratitude is the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself and represents a general state of thankfulness and/or appreciation.” We can apply gratitude to “the past (retrieving positive memories and being thankful for elements of childhood or past blessings), the present (not taking good fortune for granted as it comes), and the future (maintaining a hopeful and optimistic attitude).”

Who can better help us apply gra…

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white pumpkin

Try these Pennsylvania fun fall favorites. Make this fall season fun. Do something you have never done before. Meet a new friend, exercise outdoor, eat healthily and see life from a different point of view by engaging in these fun fall activities.
Apple Picking
Honey Crisp, Cortland and Keepsake, Jonamac, McIntosh, Gala, Empire, Red Delicious and Granny Smith. By now you must know I’m naming apples. Yes! With fall come apples.  Just in time for apple pies, apple jam, apple custard, you just name it. But before you kill the apples with all that sugar, think of the healt…

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