older adults prepare for summer

Have you ever stood in your kitchen, on a snowed-in or rainy day, and wondered what meal you could possibly make with a few tins in the cupboard and a few leftovers in the refrigerator? There’s not enough of anything to make any of your favorite dishes.  But, if you bring some of the tins and leftovers together, you could make a tasty pot of soup!

I think that’s what we are going to have to do over the summer months—make the best of it. So much is going on, some of it good and some of it not so good. Some of today’s events seem to foreshadow a worrisome future, …

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long term care and senior

It seems we’re back to identifying the times in which we live as BC and AD — life before COVID and life after the disease, for the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about “a fundamental schism” in the way we live. “In every area of our lives, we are wondering what the “next normal” will be in the post-COVID era. Long-term care is one such area of concern.

What is long-term care? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration on Aging describes long-term care as the “services and supports necessary to meet health or personal care needs ove…

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This is the final post in the series from the Friends Life Care team to share things that they did during the Coronavirus shut down of Spring 2020.  Enjoy the read.  Be safe.  Be strong.  Be well.
What Brings Comfort and Joy
Just like everyone else on this planet, I look for things that bring comfort and joy while being compliant and staying far away from the rest of humanity.  My go-to’s have always been the same but have been more concentrated over the past weeks since being in pandemic isolation: cooking and sharing healthy food; reading and enjoying time with m…

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The previous post in this series gave useful tips to putting on a virtual party.  We hope it was helpful and you well on your way to planning a fun virtual celebration.  This blog post is also about helping.  This time, the help comes in the form of volunteering.   And, as you will read in the post, the volunteer effort had an added benefit of providing a tribute to a beloved grandfather.
About Grandfather Jack
My grandfather, Jack, was the most special person I’ve ever had the privilege to know.

He and I were the best of friends.  We would sit and talk for hou…

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This continues the blog series from the team at Friends Life Care.  It was spurred by the Pandemic and social distancing.  And it features things we are doing to adapt to changes Covid-19 has brought our way.
Video Party Planning Guide
If you were thinking about how to hold a party when you can’t physically get together with family and friends, then you will appreciate this video.  With all the birthdays, graduations and summer get-togethers we usually enjoy, having a virtual party is a great way to continue to celebrate important milestones. Also – it can be a lot of …

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