5 Reasons To Plan More Day Trips

By Friends Life Care
October 18th, 2017 For Members No Comments

Vacation is an important part of life. Unfortunately, people don’t take enough vacations, especially those individuals who can’t afford to take time off from work.

Even though a week-long vacation is vital to living a healthier life, sometimes just a quick day trip will have the same effect. Taking a break from life not only reduces stress but also helps to reconnect people with family and friends.

Here are five reasons to plan more day trips in the coming year.

Day Trips Are Affordable
The hotel is always the most expensive part of traveling. Staying at a r…

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Be prepared for home emergencies with these helpful tips

Despite your best efforts to defend yourself, sometimes disaster strikes, and that means you should always be ready for the unexpected. When you’re not prepared for home emergencies you never know how bad it could get. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything! The right emergency gear will help you protect your home and family, as well as deal with unpleasant realities like a post-storm power outage or broken windows.

Here are some critical practices and tips to remember when dealing with a home emergency.
Have an Emergency Fund
It’s important to have mo…

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Tips for coping with role reversal while caring for an aging parent

We often hear how hard it is for caregivers and seniors to deal with the idea of an adult child “parenting” his or her aging parent. The notion of child-parent role reversal has taken on a life of its own and it is now common that a daughter or son will start becoming a parent to his or her parent. Many adult children, called the Sandwich Generation, experience this change while also raising their own children or caring for their grandchildren.

As adults, our journey has been to separate from our parents and become individuals. As parents age and become…

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Turning 60 is an exciting moment, even if it might not feel that way. The golden years are a time to reflect on the life you’ve lived so far while still prepping for the many adventures still left to come.

If you haven’t already, this time in life is also the moment to take a step back and focus on retirement planning, specifically the people helping to manage your money. Many Boomers once lived by the motto “don’t trust anyone over 30.” Today, it’s smart to not trust their retirement savings—or the Social Security system—to provide a comfortable retirement.

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Students have been away at college for a few weeks now. They are learning and growing and becoming great young adults, but to you, they’ll always be a grandchild first in your heart. They’re incredibly busy with class work, new friends and a ton of added responsibilities. They’ve settled into their dorms, unpacked all of the essential items brought from home, and quickly realize they’ve forgotten several small but vital incidentals.

First aid kits, a sound machine, and single serve snacks are just some of the incidentals college kids will need for the school year…

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