Meet a Member: Sandy Folzer

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In a recent article about Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run, The Philadelphia Inquirer featured one of the runners who is also a Friends Life Care member.  Dr. Sandra Folzer “Sandy” has been running for many decades and has the trophies, rankings and awards to show it.  She has broken national records and is still going strong at 83 years of age. It is inspirational and amazing to hear.

The Philadelphia Inquirer article is for subscribers only so we are sharing this recent YouTube interview which was done by the Greater Philadelphia Track Club.  Learn more about Sandy’s…

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The Importance of Body Awareness

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Body awareness, or kinesthesia, can be defined as the awareness of the position and movement of body parts in relation to muscles and joints.  Both the proprioceptive and vestibular systems are in play during every waking moment in our lives.

Proprioceptive is how our body is able to sense its location, movements, and actions without us focusing intently on it.  And, in the most basic of terms, the vestibular system includes parts of the brain and inner ear that integrate sensory inputs which control balance.
Cornerstone of Balance & Fall Prevention
In a nutshell…

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Today’s culture and technology focus on the stories we all have and how to share them. Whether it’s because of apps like Facebook or the advent of smart phones and self-publishing, it is now easier than ever to preserve your story for future generations.

Easier said than done though… Where do you start? What stories do you include? And is anyone actually interested?

I founded Memoirs & More to help people answer these questions. I lost my father before I graduated from college and my mother in my 30s. I know what many in younger generations don’t: when a p…

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There are a number of biological processes in our body involved in regulating our sleep.  One of the most important components of this system is our internal body clock.  There is a part of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN for short) that serves as a “master clock”.  The SCN keeps our body on a regular, 24-hour rhythm.
Almost everything in the body follows a 24-hour rhythm.

Body temperature follows a daily rhythm.  Our coolest point occurs early in the morning.  And our temperature peaks in the early part of the night.
Many hormones in our bod…

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This continues the blog series from the team at Friends Life Care.  It was spurred by the Pandemic and social distancing.  And it features things we are doing to adapt to changes Covid-19 has brought our way.
Video Party Planning Guide
If you were thinking about how to hold a party when you can’t physically get together with family and friends, then you will appreciate this video.  With all the birthdays, graduations and summer get-togethers we usually enjoy, having a virtual party is a great way to continue to celebrate important milestones. Also – it can be a lot of …

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