Today may seem uncertain. Tomorrow doesn’t have to—with a little help from your friends.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that you never know what life may throw at you. With a membership from Friends Life Care, you can add a little more certainty in a world that feels anything but. So regardless of where the world may be two, ten or twenty years from now, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your health, your family, your lifestyle and your finances can be protected as you age.

Understanding the Cost of Care for the Future

Most people don’t realize what home care or long-term care may cost them until they need it—when it’s too late to plan ahead. Watch our short videos shown below to see what you can expect to pay for long-term care in the future.

What Will Waiting Cost You?

Your peace of mind? Your family? Your health? Waiting to plan for your future can cost you a lot more than money. There are many reasons to start saving and planning for your future today.

Download our straightforward guide to see for yourself the benefits of having a Friends Life Care Membership.

Maintain Your Independence

Regardless of your current age, health and level of independence, it’s never too early to start thinking about the type of care you want in the future and how you’ll pay for it.

For more information about the benefits of Friends Life Care or how to become a member, contact us today at 800.496.1985, ext. 235 or

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