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If you’re worried your metabolism will slow – or already has – and that’ll lead to unhealthy weight gain, stop fretting.

Turns out, you have much more control over metabolism than you ever thought. And the long-believed theory that our ability to burn calories and fat diminishes with age is practically a myth, according to extensive research published in Science.
What is metabolic rate?
Your metabolic rate – what we usually refer to as our metabolism – is the rate your body burns calories to keep you alive and functioning. Ideally, you take in the right number of calor…

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Older adults can make 2022 even better by following – and perhaps even falling in love with – some of the biggest wellness trends this year.

And one of the best things about wellness is you can focus on one, several or all areas of it.

Wellness covers a lot of ground – physical, social, intellectual, financial, spiritual, emotional and occupational. Some areas might be more important than others to you now, as the pandemic still lingers on. And other areas might be more important as the year – or years – goes by.

What’s important, is to focus on wellness trends tha…

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A hospitalization is usually an unexpected and stressful time for both the patient and their loved ones. This article will review some helpful hints to navigate your stay.
About Insurance
First, make sure to clarify with the staff whether the patient is under observation or officially admitted to the hospital. Just because they are placed in a hospital room doesn’t always mean that they are an admitted patient. This is especially important for traditional Medicare recipients, because if they need extended care in a rehabilitation facility after their hospitalization, Trad…

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Friends Life Care Partners joined the Brighten A Day nonprofit organization to send cards filled with hope, joy, and inspiration to individuals experiencing loneliness and isolation.

We are delighted to report that Friends Life Care Partners staff completed over 400 cards and pieces of handmade artwork to send to Brighten A Day!

This initiative to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of service was spearheaded by Friends Life Care’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force with help from other project supporters. The task force is also working to continue our par…

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In the January post for Friends Talk, I focused on the Quaker testimony of Equality.  This seemed to be a good fit with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  which Friends Life Care commemorated with an organization-wide gathering.  And so, even though it was out of order with the Quaker acronym SPICES (Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship), it seemed especially timely.  Now I am back in order with this post on Peace.

In learning about this important value of Quakerism,  I found that Peace had a meaning strongly connected to social justice and was …

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