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Getting fit is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions.

At Friends Life Care, we’ve been talking a lot about exercise lately…at member meetings and in planning our upcoming VigRTM workshops. VigR stands for Vitality, Independence, Growth, Resilience.  It is our philosophy for health and wellness. 

Exercise is such an important part of healthy aging for both physical and cognitive wellbeing.  I’ve had mixed success on my journey to establish a regular exercise program.  I wonder if others share the same challenges.

My journey didn’t begin until I…

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You’re a new empty nester looking for ways to fill your time. You don’t have anyone to cook for anymore. No summer reading assignments, and no more swim lessons. So, what to do with all this newfound time on your hands? 
Rescue a dog!
Now is the perfect time to adopt that four-legged friend you’ve always wanted. Summer months are filled with fun activities, and you can add even more fun to your summer by giving a dog a home. There are so many great reasons to rescue a dog this summer, and here are a few.

You’re Saving a Life
End Euthanasia
Nearly 2.7 million…

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senior exercises

Even if you’re not overweight and don’t suffer from any serious medical conditions, it’s critical that you exercise regularly. It not only helps prevent chronic health conditions, but also can keep you feeling young and energetic.

In addition, it helps you maintain the strength and mobility needed to remain in your own home and age in place safely. It can even help ease arthritis pain and stiffness.

Still, it can be difficult to exercise — either because you don’t feel you have the time or you suffer from a physical ailment that keeps you from getting out and doing …

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Today, many seniors wish to age in place — in the home they’ve known and loved for decades.

But one of the biggest requirements for aging in place is continuing to eat healthy. As seniors age, grocery shopping and cooking may become much harder. As a result it becomes very tempting to dine out frequently or purchase pre-packaged, frozen meals.

The problem is, if you’re not careful, restaurant dining and microwavable frozen meals can be high in sodium and fats. They can also make it harder to stick to dietary restrictions.

So where can seniors living at home –…

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Further research on the benefits of meditation has led to a plethora of fascinating discoveries, including its overwhelmingly positive impact on aging brains.

Meditation is the practice of shifting your focus to the present moment. Clearing your mind for just 10 minutes every day significantly reduces stress, controls anxiety and promotes good health.

Unfortunately, despite the proven benefits, many older adults don’t participate in meditation. Many say they don’t have time, and others claim they’re unable to clear their mind of all thought. The good news is, medi…

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