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The Friends Life Care team has been working hard to put together a full slate of events and experiences for you in Fall 2019. You’ll find the full list of activities on the Friends Life Care website. They are free or have a nominal fee to cover basic costs.  All members and friends are invited to attend.

This is one more way that Friends Life Care delivers on its philosophy regarding health, wellness and prevention: VigR® Vitality, Independence, Growth, Resilience™.
Registration is now open.
Click this link to sign up today as space can be limited. If you pref…

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Act FAST: Signs of a Stroke

By Cheryl Proska
December 8th, 2017 For Members No Comments

Did you know that strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States?

A stroke occurs when blocked or ruptured vessels cut blood and oxygen flow to an area of the brain, damaging the surrounding cells and impairing functionality. Despite what you may think, this “brain attack” is not reserved for older adults. Strokes can affect anyone at any time – nearly 800,000 people are affected each year. More importantly, 80% of those episodes can be prevented. Protect yourself and others by knowing the key symptoms, warning signs and prevention tips.


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All past VigR Wellness Webinars are now available online

Did you miss a VigR wellness webinar that you meant to watch? Did you even know that Friends Life Care offers webinars with everything you need to know for healthy aging? In either case, you are in luck! All of our previous VigR Wellness Webinars are now available on-demand at one convenient web address:
VigR (Vitality, Independence, Growth, Resilience) reflects Friends Life Care’s wellness philosophy and commitment to empowering people with the information and the tools needed to lead a healthy and vibrant l…

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Changing leaves are the first real sign of Fall. But while those gorgeous red, gold and orange petals are fun to stare at during long drives through the countryside, fallen leaves are a hassle for homeowners.

Trees provide shade in the summer and protection in the winter but they’re shedding in the fall leads to hours of backbreaking work. The leaves typically seem to win the battle, but this year it’s possible for you to win the war against the foliage blanketing your yard, driveway, and sidewalk.

Here are some simple ways to beat the leaves this Fall, guaranteed…

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When you become a member of Friends Life Care, one of our Care Coordinators gets to know you and your needs on a personal level from the start, visiting you before you ever need care at home. You can trust that he or she will be there for any of your future health care needs, and will always work to protect your best interests.

Our team of Care Coordinators is comprised of highly trained professionals with years of health and wellness industry experience. They take great pride in becoming your trusted advocate, they are able to anticipate your needs and resolve issues r…

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