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In December, Friends Life Care’s office moved to Blue Bell.

460 Norristown Road
Suite 300
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Reasons for the Relocation
Our Plymouth Meeting office lease expired at the end of 2021, giving us a tremendous opportunity to re-evaluate what kind of space we need and reduce our footprint and cost of rent.

As part of the office move, we now share space with another Quaker, not-for-profit organization, Friends Services Alliance (FSA). FSA is an association of Quaker Senior Living organizations across the United States. By sharing office space with them, …

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This post on the Friends Life Care eMeetinghouse blog continues my discussion of the Quaker SPICES.  SPICES is the acronym for the Quaker testimonies: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship.

In this entry, I will focus on Equality.  Although it is out of order with the acronym, it seemed quite appropriate as January is the month with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  And again this year, Friends Life Care is recognizing and commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with an internal event.  As I am Latina and therefore in the Hispanic minority, the…

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Have you ever thought about adult development?

You probably spent a lot years developing yourself to be better in your profession, marriage and hobbies.

But did you ever try to be a better adult?

It’s something to consider as you age in place. And it’s something retired Harvard researcher and professor Dr. Robert Kegan thought about quite a bit – and eventually created the Theory of Adult Development. Technically, it’s the “evolution of consciousness, the personal unfolding of ways of organizing experience that are not simply replaced as we grow but subsumed into m…

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Most older adults have already made some of the most difficult decisions in life. They’ve also experienced great highs and lows. And now, they might wonder, “Was it a meaningful life?”

Would you answer that with integrity or despair?

The basis is of the question is based on Erik Erickson’s stage theory of psychosocial development. In the final stage – when people hit 65 – many older adults reflect consciously and unconsciously, ask themselves, “Did I live a meaningful life?”

For those who say, “Yes, it’s been meaningful,” reflect with integrity.

Unfortunately, s…

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