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Many older adults look to the holiday season with anxiety, rather than excitement. The problem: You might have to deal with loneliness or other difficult emotions.

Whether alone or not, some adults feel shrouded in loneliness throughout the holidays. How can that be? Sometimes bad weather, unexpected delays or even a pandemic lead to lonely days. Or some older adults live alone or far from family. On the other hand, older adults can also feel alone in a sea of people and activity because they might miss those who aren’t there or struggle with hearing.

The Centers for …

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The New Year is the perfect time to commit to prioritizing your financial goals and organizing your financial material. Set aside a specific time every day, even for a short amount of time, toward working on this crucially important aspect of your life; your financial health.
Figure Out Your Financial Goals
If married, consult your spouse on their financial goals. Communication is an integral factor in making sure you are both on the same page. Once you both understand your financial objectives, set out realistic expectations on how to achieve them. Many people have multi…

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Online or in-person, many older adults feel it’s time to connect more often with their contemporaries again.

And you might not be teenagers anymore, but there’s no harm in acting like them: Make new friends. Find exciting things to do with friends you already have. Or connect online more often as you age in place.

Older adults gain many benefits by connecting with their contemporaries. Harvard Health Publishing compiled separate research that found older adults who connect often with groups of friends gain health benefits such as lower risk of depression and higher co…

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