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Friends Life Care is pleased to announce phase one’s launch of our redesigned website:

The new website offers a modern design, streamlined navigation, and thoughtful access to resources. Enjoy a cohesive experience whether you visit the site on a desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile device.

This first phase will be carried through the site with more updates in 2022.
Member Community
We invite our members to visit the Member Community, where you can easily access VigR® wellness events, member FAQs, and more.
Key Pages
For those look…

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Winter is Coming

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Autumn weather can unexpectedly turn into a snowy, wintry mix.   Friends Life Care is proud to have a committee made of industry professionals who are dedicated to reducing falls within our member community as the weather changes.  This committee is pleased to share with you their findings on products and tips that can keep you safer this winter.

Last year, Friends Life Care members experienced more than three dozen slips, trips and slides on ice or snow.   Many of these falls were due to loss of balance while slipping on snowy or icy surfaces outside.
Please recon…

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We are happy to have you join us again as we continue exploring Quakerism. In the first two blogs, we looked at the history of Quakerism. We learned of the values that shaped the Religious Society of Friends. Now, we will go further in depth into each of these guiding values.

Starting with simplicity, we will see what it means as a Quaker to live this value in daily life. Simplicity is one of the five Quaker values called SPICES.  We will explore working within the realm of simplicity as one of the guiding lights that direct our work at Friends Life Care. I will also le…

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What would this time of year be without some holiday decorating?

Boring, if nothing else. The good news is, older adults who are aging in place can create a festive home that’s welcoming, safe and hopefully a reminder of holiday happiness.

Even better, you can decorate with crafts you’ve made, cherished keepsakes or store bought items – and it’ll still look fabulous.

First things first, though: When it comes to turning up the holiday cheer, you want to do it with safety in mind.
Play it safe
Here are seven holiday decorating safety guidelines:

Maintain your …

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Make Life Meaningful
Many of us get stuck in a cycle of maintaining undesirable habits with negative effects. Individuals often struggle to commit to change. So, how can naturally reinforced habits be broken? Through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles and positive language, we increase the likelihood of making our goals into habits. A helpful tool in the journey for a healthy lifestyle is James Clear’s Atomic Habits. In his book, Clear discusses the four laws of behavior change.  In this post, we’ll review these laws and how we can use them to achie…

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