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avoid digital eye strain with these tips!

Did you know that March is National Save Your Vision Month?
Vision loss is often seen as an anticipated side effect of aging. It’s not uncommon to be suffering from some form of impairment by the time you approach 50. However, is old age truly to blame?

In an effort to promote eye health, the American Optometric Association is reminding everyone, especially older adults, that the biggest threat to your vision isn’t growing old – it’s screens.

Due to an increase in digital technology, the average American spends over 1o hours per day staring at screens. This…

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senior exercises

Even if you’re not overweight and don’t suffer from any serious medical conditions, it’s critical that you exercise regularly. It not only helps prevent chronic health conditions, but also can keep you feeling young and energetic.

In addition, it helps you maintain the strength and mobility needed to remain in your own home and age in place safely. It can even help ease arthritis pain and stiffness.

Still, it can be difficult to exercise — either because you don’t feel you have the time or you suffer from a physical ailment that keeps you from getting out and doing …

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Here are some surprising facts about Saint Patrick's Day

As the saying goes, everyone’s Irish on March 17.
Saint Patrick’s Day is the most widely celebrated holiday around the globe. Millions of people gather annually for parades, green beer and festive Irish fare, all in the name of Ireland’s foremost patron saint. But how much do you really know about the holiday?

Here are six facts about Saint Patrick, Ireland, and their infamous holiday.
1. Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish.
That’s right – Saint Patrick was actually born in Britain. He arrived in Ireland at age 16, after being kidnapped by pirates and sold into s…

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It’s clear that healthy eating, clean living, and increased exercise make a huge difference in the fight against heart disease. But while people may be winning the small battles, heart disease is still winning the war.

Deaths due to heart disease have dipped in the last few years, but it’s still the number one killer of Americans. The good news is that preventative measures start right in the cabinets, cupboards, and refrigerator in your home.

Here are a few fundamental lifestyle changes that can help to prevent heart disease, maintain cardiovascular health, and…

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Age in no longer the number to focus on when planning for retirement

There’s a new way to determine when you’ve got enough money in your nest egg to last the rest of your life. It involves flipping the script.
Traditionally, individuals picked the age at which they planned to retire and tried to get as much money in the bank as possible before they hit that age. Typically, people picked somewhere between the age of 65 and 70 as the time they planned to leave their work life behind.

The problem is that thinking was forged during an age when people were holding off until they could qualify for a pension. Today, unless you work in the publi…

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