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Did you know that there are health benefits to the practice of gratitude?

This is the second post in the new VigR Chat series.  This series is created by the Friends Life Care Wellness and Care Coordination team.  Katie Starrantino, Wellness and Care Coordinator, presents on how to implement gratitude in your life.  She explains the benefits you can gain from doing so.

Watch this video. And you will hear about research on the topic of gratitude. In addition, you can learn some simple and straightforward practices.  You will see how you can implement gratitude in y…

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resilient and thrive as older adults

If you have lived here as long as I have on this earth, you will agree that stress is a part of life. So, why do we still complain about it? After all, wasn’t life harsher for our parents and grandparents? Did they not experience more adversity in life than we have?  Whatever form stress takes, it is here to stay. Is it because at some deep level, “we need to have challenge, something to test our mettle, prove our resilience, and make us stronger?” That question is posed by Dr. Joel Bennett in his book Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving. Dr. Bennett believes w…

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VgR(R) Chats

Friends Life Care Partners is rooted in Quaker values.  The organization is a not for profit. And Friends Life Care’s philosophy — VigR® Vitality Independence Growth Resilience™ — grows on this with a commitment to health and wellness from prevention and wellbeing to care coordination.

Wellness & Care Coordinators at Friends Life Care work in a collaborative way. The Coordinators help members thrive at home as they age.  Each Wellness & Care Coordinator brings a diverse background of skills, talent, experience and knowledge.  They will share this…

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older adults prepare for summer

Have you ever stood in your kitchen, on a snowed-in or rainy day, and wondered what meal you could possibly make with a few tins in the cupboard and a few leftovers in the refrigerator? There’s not enough of anything to make any of your favorite dishes.  But, if you bring some of the tins and leftovers together, you could make a tasty pot of soup!

I think that’s what we are going to have to do over the summer months—make the best of it. So much is going on, some of it good and some of it not so good. Some of today’s events seem to foreshadow a worrisome future, …

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