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Nearly every older adult has some vision of financial fitness – whether it’s freedom from debt, comfortable retirement, money in the bank or beyond.

But very few older adults can achieve financial fitness without being conscientious now and planning for the future. The new year is a good time to assess your finances and make necessary plans for “shaping up.”

Experts at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (probably better known as the familiar FDIC at your local bank) say it’s important to consider financial fitness before you retire. And if you’re already retire…

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Older adults seem to be the major target – and eventual victims – of scams. Here’s how you can identify, avoid and report scams.

Criminals use current events – and many classic tactics – to gain trust through computers, phones and the mail. Even worse, if they’re successful once, scammers will latch on and scam more because they see the potential for significant financial gain, FBI experts say.

And older adults are targeted more often because they’re trusting, polite and have many concerns that scammers can zero in on.

The old adage is true – If it sounds too good …

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7 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Blow Your Budget in Retirement

By Cheryl Proska
April 20th, 2018 For Members Comments Off on 7 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Blow Your Budget in Retirement

Creating a budget before you retire, constantly reevaluating your budget after you retire and sticking to your budget are critical to making sure your nest egg lasts throughout your golden years.

If you haven’t created a budget or overall financial plan for retirement yet, here’s a road map you can use.

But once you have a budget set, it pays to continually work on developing discipline and financial savvy to stick to it.

To help you avoid common financial pitfalls in retirement and adhere to your budget, here are seven tips all pre-retirees and retirees should con…

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retiree new year's resolutions

It may seem cliché to create a list of New Year’s resolutions, but there’s a reason it’s so popular … especially for retirees (and pre-retirees). The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about where you want to go in the months ahead — and then create a plan to take you there.

Chances are, staying healthy and continuing to be financially independent are at the top of your wish list.

If that’s the case, here’s a list of resolutions every retiree should consider stealing:
1. Eat colorfully
There’s a simple trick to making sure you’re getting a broad sp…

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Turning 60 is an exciting moment, even if it might not feel that way. The golden years are a time to reflect on the life you’ve lived so far while still prepping for the many adventures still left to come.

If you haven’t already, this time in life is also the moment to take a step back and focus on retirement planning, specifically the people helping to manage your money. Many Boomers once lived by the motto “don’t trust anyone over 30.” Today, it’s smart to not trust their retirement savings—or the Social Security system—to provide a comfortable retirement.

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