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simple life

Remember that song by Tony Bennett, “Give Me the Simple Life?”

I don’t believe in frettin’ and grievin’;
Why mess around with strife?
I never was cut out to step and strut out.
Give me the simple life.

Some find it pleasant dining on pheasant.
Those things roll off my knife;
Just serve me tomatoes; and mashed potatoes;
Give me the simple life.

A cottage small is all I’m after,
Not one that’s spacious and wide.
A house that rings with joy and laughter
And the ones you love inside.

Some like the high road, I like the low road,
Free from the care and …

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seniors resting

“I have nothing to do, and all day to do it!”

That’s how my 80-something-year-old neighbor used to respond from his porch whenever I asked him what he had planned for the day. At first, I thought he was being witty; then, as time passed, I realized he was lamenting what his life had become.

Not so long before, he used to begin each day with a 20-minute roundtrip walk to the convenience store to purchase the two dailies. He would return with his newspapers and sit on his porch and read every story. When he was done reading, he would walk to another convenience st…

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Friends Life Care Partners is pleased to welcome Joe Conner as the new Chief Financial and Administrative Officer/Treasurer of Friends Life Care Partners and its subsidiary corporations.  As the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, he is responsible for providing leadership for the financial, administrative and technology systems of the organization.  He is joining Friends Life Care as Dianna Rienstra, previously Chief Financial Officer, has retired from the organization after more than a decade of valued service.
Joe Conner, MBA, CPA
Chief Financial and Administ…

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