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Spend five minutes practicing mindfulness today, and you can help improve your life.

Even older adults who claimed they didn’t have the time, patience or attention span for it have found big benefits from a tiny act of mindfulness – which is the practice of focusing on and being fully aware of the present moment and nothing else.

With that, you also calmly accept your feelings, thoughts and sensations without judgement. It’s a quiet, still practice with lasting positive mental and physical effects.
Research proves the benefits
Mindfulness helps older adults maintain…

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Mindfulness & The Art of Gratitude

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October 12th, 2020 Health & Wellness No Comments

Sometimes delays are gifts.
I remember a day in 2017.  It had been a particularly busy one.  And I was in transit to continue on with “more busy-ness”. On top of everything else, it had rained all day.  It was one of those dismal afternoons. When all of a sudden, traffic backed up on this particular overpass and came to a complete standstill for about 10 minutes. However, had this not occurred in this exact spot, at this exact time, I would have missed the view of this beautiful rainbow.

Most, if not all, cultures and spiritual orientations have given meaning to …

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resilient and thrive as older adults

If you have lived here as long as I have on this earth, you will agree that stress is a part of life. So, why do we still complain about it? After all, wasn’t life harsher for our parents and grandparents? Did they not experience more adversity in life than we have?  Whatever form stress takes, it is here to stay. Is it because at some deep level, “we need to have challenge, something to test our mettle, prove our resilience, and make us stronger?” That question is posed by Dr. Joel Bennett in his book Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving. Dr. Bennett believes w…

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older adults prepare for summer

Have you ever stood in your kitchen, on a snowed-in or rainy day, and wondered what meal you could possibly make with a few tins in the cupboard and a few leftovers in the refrigerator? There’s not enough of anything to make any of your favorite dishes.  But, if you bring some of the tins and leftovers together, you could make a tasty pot of soup!

I think that’s what we are going to have to do over the summer months—make the best of it. So much is going on, some of it good and some of it not so good. Some of today’s events seem to foreshadow a worrisome future, …

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It truly is a magical time of the year. It is magical in the way it seems to transform individuals—children and adults—to kinder, happier people. The effect that the Christmas season has on our mood, our attitude, is undoubtedly positive. We are nicer, more apt to laugh and play and party. We are quicker to share, to give, to be generous.

For some of us older adults, however, the Christmas season also means that our grief is heightened and our sadness deepened as we become more mindful of what we may have lost in the way of health, money, companionship, independence….

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