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Today’s culture and technology focus on the stories we all have and how to share them. Whether it’s because of apps like Facebook or the advent of smart phones and self-publishing, it is now easier than ever to preserve your story for future generations.

Easier said than done though… Where do you start? What stories do you include? And is anyone actually interested?

I founded Memoirs & More to help people answer these questions. I lost my father before I graduated from college and my mother in my 30s. I know what many in younger generations don’t: when a p…

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Friends Life Care Partners is excited to announce that we have earned platinum SAGECare credentialing!

What Does That Mean?

100% of Friends Life Care Partners staff completed SAGECare online training “Supporting LGBT Older Adults.” Our Leadership Team also met with a SAGECare representative to review our policies and procedures as they relate to the material we learned.

Through this training, we gained a better understanding of the unique needs of LGBT older adults, the various rights and protections extended to LGBT residents, and other best practices for cre…

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Today I am writing about the last Quaker testimonial.  It is the second “S” in the SPICES acronym: Stewardship.

As I ponder this value for myself, it reminds me to truly be a steward of my own personal gifts and talents.  In addition, it compels me to give back and to seek to leave the world a better place.
What Stewardship Means to Quakers
For people in the Quaker faith, the meaning of Stewardship starts at the personal level.  From there, it expands to become more far-reaching.

According to the American Friends Service Committee, “Friends strive to use Go…

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