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Walking into a room and forgetting what you went there to do. That “tip of the tongue” feeling when you see your neighbor but can’t remember their name. Misplacing your cell phone and wondering where you saw it last. For older adults, these experiences aren’t just annoying, they feel like a warning sign: Decline Ahead.
Aging Changes How Brains Work
Whether you have a family history of dementia or not, many of us assume that, with age, everyone’s thinking skills deteriorate, as if we are designed to unravel cognitively. The truth is that normal aging does change …

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The Importance of Body Awareness

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July 12th, 2022 Uncategorized No Comments

Body awareness, or kinesthesia, can be defined as the awareness of the position and movement of body parts in relation to muscles and joints.  Both the proprioceptive and vestibular systems are in play during every waking moment in our lives.

Proprioceptive is how our body is able to sense its location, movements, and actions without us focusing intently on it.  And, in the most basic of terms, the vestibular system includes parts of the brain and inner ear that integrate sensory inputs which control balance.
Cornerstone of Balance & Fall Prevention
In a nutshell…

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Friends Talk – Things Learned

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June 14th, 2022 News & Events No Comments

This post wraps up my first blog series on Quaker values and what they mean to me. I was first introduced to Quakerism when I joined Friends Life Care as a sales manager and plan counselor. That was 5 years ago now.  My work anniversary is actually next month.  I am happy with achieving that milestone. And I continue to enjoy my job and have a great appreciation for the Friends Life Care organization and my co-workers. This, of course, includes my colleagues at the office and my cat, Max, when I am working from home. 

My career has taken me from California to Virginia…

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Are you a proud multi-tasker? You may want to re-think that.

In a world saturated with incoming stimulation, it is easy to assume that we can handle multiple things at once. Ever watch TV while scrolling through social media? Drive your car while checking a text message? FaceTime with a family member while preparing dinner? This multi-tasking is commonplace. And yet, the science reveals that it may not help with productivity or brain health.
Multi-Tasking Has “Switching Costs”
Defining multi-tasking as “doing two or more things at once” is actually misleading. In r…

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Today’s culture and technology focus on the stories we all have and how to share them. Whether it’s because of apps like Facebook or the advent of smart phones and self-publishing, it is now easier than ever to preserve your story for future generations.

Easier said than done though… Where do you start? What stories do you include? And is anyone actually interested?

I founded Memoirs & More to help people answer these questions. I lost my father before I graduated from college and my mother in my 30s. I know what many in younger generations don’t: when a p…

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