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As a Friends Life Care member, you have a support system in place to navigate ups and downs of your health. Your own personal Care Coordinator helps you remain independent as you age.

Friends Life Care membership offers you the peace of mind that your future is secure and offers services that are ready for you when and if you need them. We help you thrive independently in your own home as you age, and provide positive lifestyle choices for any changes in health.

Friends Life Care members are an interesting, adventurous and engaging group of individuals.  Through VigR, we are able to introduce you to some of them and to share their stories.  We thank them all for their time and for sharing with us.

We just posted a new Meet a Member featuring Rosita Johnson. Rosita is a retired Philadelphia teacher and union leader.  You will learn about the impactful work that she did to benefit South Africa and the prestigious international honor she was awarded for her efforts.  This is one more part of the Spring VigR programming.

Click on the videos to view or on the link below to view even more Meet a Member features on YouTube®.

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