A Unique Approach to Maintaining Your Independence

Enjoy your retirement years with an affordable plan that protects your savings and health so you can remain independent at home as you age.

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How Friends Life Care Works

Whether you’re still working, retired, or approaching retirement, there are steps you can take today to protect your lifestyle, your loved ones, and your finances tomorrow – so no matter what changes, what’s most important to you is secure. Watch this video to find out more.

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What is Care Coordination?

What is care coordination? What will my Care Coordinator's responsibilities be? Learn how your Care Coordinator will support your needs, when and how you need it. You can also find out more about VigR -- our proven philosophy of wellness revolving around your vitality, independence, growth and resilience.

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From the eMeetinghouse Blog

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Introduction to Mindfulness

With a commitment to a daily mindfulness practice, studies over the last several decades have shown that the brain structure literally changes so that mindfulness becomes a way of life, not just an activity. Start your practice today.

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Reduction Strategies for the PA Inheritance Tax

Carefully choosing which beneficiaries receive which assets can have a significant impact on the overall tax that is payable to the PA Department of Revenue. Learn how to minimize the tax and maximize distributions to beneficiaries.

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Grief through the Golden Years

What is grief? How does it present itself? How do I best support myself and others while maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Learn about what grief looks like and how to develop coping skills to help adjust to your new “normal”.

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"Friends Life Care provides us with long-term care and financial protection to live a self-sufficient life."

— Michael and Linda Dzuba, Members Since July 2005