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tips for easy spring cleaning

Spring-cleaning is the annual tradition of eliminating both dirt and junk that accumulated inside the home over the long winter.  This yearly cleaning purge is a certified mood enhancer and a great way to wake up the house from hibernation.

People tend to collect things over the winter, including gifts, winter clothing, and accessories to clear away the snow and ice. A day of thorough spring-cleaning provides the opportunity to say goodbye to the old and usher in a new season of less mess (and less time indoors).

However, a thorough spring cleaning can quickly take a…

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technology to help you age in place

America’s beloved space family “The Jetsons” lived in a home many thought would be the future of human existence – flying cars, robot maids, conveyor belts moving from room-to-room, and machines that take care of your morning routine with just the push of a button.

Today’s world may not be quite as advanced as the 1963 TV cartoon predicted, but technology is undoubtedly making its way into the average American home and changing the way we live. Most notably, it’s innovating home health, wellness and accessibility.

Advancement in “smart” technology is r…

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Genealogy has surged in popularity over the past few years. Ancestry websites are now the second most visited category of websites on the internet, and Time Magazine reports it’s the “second most popular hobby in the U.S., after gardening.” Among everyone jumping on board this genealogy trend, people from the Boomer generation seem to be particularly intrigued.

So why the sudden uptick in older adults digging around for a more in-depth family backstory? A recent poll suggests it’s because older generations weren’t as inclined to share their personal story with ki…

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This blog is part of a series called ‘Preparing Your Home for Aging in Place.’ According to AARP, 87% of adults age 65+ want to continuing living in their current home as they age. To help ensure your home is ready to age with you, Friends Life Care presents ‘Preparing Your Home for Aging in Place’ – a blog series that explores how to make your home safer, smarter and better, one room at a time. Click here to read Part 1: The Entrance, and click here to read Part 2: Stairways & Halls.
Living independently in your own home for as long as you can is important to many agi…

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