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If you’re worried your metabolism will slow – or already has – and that’ll lead to unhealthy weight gain, stop fretting.

Turns out, you have much more control over metabolism than you ever thought. And the long-believed theory that our ability to burn calories and fat diminishes with age is practically a myth, according to extensive research published in Science.
What is metabolic rate?
Your metabolic rate – what we usually refer to as our metabolism – is the rate your body burns calories to keep you alive and functioning. Ideally, you take in the right number of calor…

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Older adults can make 2022 even better by following – and perhaps even falling in love with – some of the biggest wellness trends this year.

And one of the best things about wellness is you can focus on one, several or all areas of it.

Wellness covers a lot of ground – physical, social, intellectual, financial, spiritual, emotional and occupational. Some areas might be more important than others to you now, as the pandemic still lingers on. And other areas might be more important as the year – or years – goes by.

What’s important, is to focus on wellness trends tha…

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Most older adults have already made some of the most difficult decisions in life. They’ve also experienced great highs and lows. And now, they might wonder, “Was it a meaningful life?”

Would you answer that with integrity or despair?

The basis is of the question is based on Erik Erickson’s stage theory of psychosocial development. In the final stage – when people hit 65 – many older adults reflect consciously and unconsciously, ask themselves, “Did I live a meaningful life?”

For those who say, “Yes, it’s been meaningful,” reflect with integrity.

Unfortunately, s…

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Older adults can find a variety of fun places to go and things to do this holiday season. And the possibilities must feel great after last year when the pandemic restricted us.
There’s an event or activity for almost everyone, no matter the traditions and holidays you celebrate. You can also find something enjoyable regardless of your activity level.

Things to see for the holidays
Here’s a variety of the many things to see throughout the greater Philadelphia area during the holidays.

Macy’s Christmas Light Show. Full disclosure: I started with this because it’s …

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Many older adults look to the holiday season with anxiety, rather than excitement. The problem: You might have to deal with loneliness or other difficult emotions.

Whether alone or not, some adults feel shrouded in loneliness throughout the holidays. How can that be? Sometimes bad weather, unexpected delays or even a pandemic lead to lonely days. Or some older adults live alone or far from family. On the other hand, older adults can also feel alone in a sea of people and activity because they might miss those who aren’t there or struggle with hearing.

The Centers for …

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