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aging and names

“You can call me anything, just don’t call me late to dinner…or elderly or geezer or old age pensioner!” Aging and the names we call ourselves or allow people to call us throughout our lives matter.

It seems there are two stages in our lives when it truly matters what people call us: when we are teenagers and when we  have “advanced beyond the middle of our lives.” These are the two significant transition periods in our lives.

In the first period, we are approaching the apogee of human existence, adulthood! Remember when you were a whole eight and a HALF?…

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The Friends Life Care team has been working hard to put together a full slate of events and experiences for you in Fall 2019. You’ll find the full list of activities on the Friends Life Care website. They are free or have a nominal fee to cover basic costs.  All members and friends are invited to attend.

This is one more way that Friends Life Care delivers on its philosophy regarding health, wellness and prevention: VigR® Vitality, Independence, Growth, Resilience™.
Registration is now open.
Click this link to sign up today as space can be limited. If you pref…

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webinar presentation

Friends Life Care invites you to listen to this webinar from the dedicated professionals at Philadelphia Integrative Medicine.  You will hear about risks for cardiovascular disease, testing options, important lifestyle interventions and more.

Heart disease is not just about low serum cholesterol. Blood sugar, blood vessel health and body composition are also key determining factors in heart health. As the leading cause of death in the US, heart disease can be prevented and even reversed through integrative interventions.

Watching this webinar can provide you with imp…

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seniors performing qigong on World Tai chi and Qigong Day

If there is one thing we want as we age, it is energy. Thanks to research in neuroscience,  there is evidence that suggests that we can  regulate  and balance the brain’s networks and generate energy through mindful relaxation, mindful awareness and mindful movement. As a result, we can potentially preserve and sustain our energy as we get older, to bring about not only longevity but also a good quality of life. Qigong (pronounced chee gong), a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing training, is one type of mindfulness practice that can help in achieving th…

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