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domestic gardening

It’s springtime and that means “God’s Gym” is open for business!

God’s Gym is the best outdoor fitness center offering adults 55 and older a variety of low-impact to moderate-impact exercises to keep you in shape and give you the opportunity to get some much-needed fresh air and vitamin D-rich sunshine after months of hibernating.

God’s Gym is the place where “bodies are strengthened through gardening. Minds are refreshed through gardening’s therapeutic benefit of connecting with nature. Spirits are renewed through the quiet sanctuary of the garden.”…

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Dementia is not a disease.  It is a term that describes symptoms which may be caused by brain disorders.  These symptoms can disrupt daily life…your ability to plan, reason, solve problems and focus on tasks, among other things.  When you have a parent struggling with dementia, it can take a toll.
Mom and Aminata
It’s 8:00 am; a hazy, chilly February morning. My phone rings through to mom’s home…two, five, six rings. Mom lives alone now since Dad passed 2 years ago.  I call her every morning – the daughter alarm clock — to wake her up, make sure she takes h…

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