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The average person spends an estimated 90,000 hours of his or her life at work. Since more time is spent with co-workers than family, friends, and sometimes even spouses, it’s not surprising that most relationships develop during business hours.

When older adults retire or leave their job, their interaction with longtime friends and colleagues is suddenly cut short. With a drastic increase in free time during the day and fewer people to talk to, it’s natural for feelings of isolation to set in.

It’s important to nip those feelings in the bud before they lead to …

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What Are You Thankful For?

By Cheryl Proska
November 22nd, 2017 For Members No Comments
Friends Life Care Partners Give Thanks

We walked the halls today and asked some of the Friends Life Care Partner’s team what they are thankful for…this is what they said.
30 Things to Be Thankful For:

•My grandparents – they’re 90 and 91 and I cherish the time I can spend with them. We go to lunch or my nephew’s football games. I really enjoy having the chance to continue to thank them for all the support they have always given me.

•The roof over my head – our neighbor’s house recently burned down and left them with less than nothing. When something like that happens, well, it really puts l…

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Spring-cleaning shouldn’t stop with closets and utility drawers overflowing with post-it notes. Every area of the house needs a thorough cleaning from time to time, especially the medicine cabinets.

When was the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet of expired medicines or prescriptions for old injuries and ailments? Here’s a better question — when was the last time your aging parents did a deep dive into the contents of their bathroom? If you can’t remember then an extensive purging is far overdue.

Older adults and primary caregivers must remove expired, u…

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Having a plan in place for the future you want is definitely something important to do.  If you have chosen Friends Life Care membership, then you have already taken this important step.  If you are are still thinking about how to make your dreams for retirement a reality, then click on the arrow to watch this short video and learn more.
Why?  Because nearly seventy percent of adults over sixty-five require some form of long-term care.
The costs are astronomical. Not to mention the emotional drain caring for a loved one causes family members. That’s why Friends Life Ca…

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Meet a Friends Life Care Member

If you were to imagine a person who loves to travel, who enjoys spending time with friends and going to concerts and who walks one mile every day, you would probably not visualize a 98-year old.  But in the case of this Friends Life Care member, you would be wrong!
Meet Friends Life Care member Evelyn Summers!
Evelyn Summers was born in Oklahoma City in 1919. She completed her undergraduate studies in St. Charles, Mo. at Lindenwood College, a small women’s college that later turned co-ed, earning degrees in piano and organ. She then went on to receive her Master’s fr…

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