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white pumpkin

Try these Pennsylvania fun fall favorites. Make this fall season fun. Do something you have never done before. Meet a new friend, exercise outdoor, eat healthily and see life from a different point of view by engaging in these fun fall activities.
Apple Picking
Honey Crisp, Cortland and Keepsake, Jonamac, McIntosh, Gala, Empire, Red Delicious and Granny Smith. By now you must know I’m naming apples. Yes! With fall come apples.  Just in time for apple pies, apple jam, apple custard, you just name it. But before you kill the apples with all that sugar, think of the healt…

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breast cancer in 2019-pink car interior with a white dog

You better believe it—technology and information are changing rapidly and in a lot of ways for the betterment of our health. We have evidence-based studies, safer medical equipment and prevention and intervention programs to help us live the best possible lives. October is back, and it’s breast cancer awareness month around the world. What has changed? What new information have we learned about breast cancer to help us maintain and optimize our health?  Here is a survey of ten things you need to know about breast cancer in 2019.

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