In the January post for Friends Talk, I focused on the Quaker testimony of Equality.  This seemed to be a good fit with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  which Friends Life Care commemorated with an organization-wide gathering.  And so, even though it was out of order with the Quaker acronym SPICES (Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship), it seemed especially timely.  Now I am back in order with this post on Peace.

In learning about this important value of Quakerism,  I found that Peace had a meaning strongly connected to social justice and was …

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New Blog Series — “Friends Talk”

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September 15th, 2021 Publication 2 Comments

Friends Life Care is a Quaker-values based, nonprofit organization. We help to take care of members who choose to age at home. In my position as a plan counselor, I am often asked how Quaker values are incorporated into the work we do.

This begins a blog series on Quakerism.  In it, we will explore Quaker values and how they pertain to our organization, the members we serve and the work we do in our community.

Some of you who are reading this post may be Friends and already know much more than me about the history, values and expression of Quakerism.  For others, my…

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Winter officially arrived last week.  Why not spruce up your home by bringing nature inside?  This video gives ideas for do-it-yourself décor you can easily display by gathering the greens outside and arranging them around your home.  Click below to view this video from one of Friends Life Care’s Wellness & Care Coordinators, then share your ideas in the comments section below:



Contributed by:

Vicky Sawyer, MS, LCPC
Wellness & Care Coordinator

Vicky Sawyer started with Friends Life Care in 2006.  As…

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From all of us to you and yours – we’re sending wishes for A Very Joyous Season and a New Year of Health and Happiness.  In this video, the Friends Life Care team shares thoughts about winters and holidays past and present.  Click to view it, then leave a comment below with your own best memories:


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Friends Life Care members are an amazing group of individuals with many talents.  In this blog post, we have the opportunity to share poems written by Jim England.  Enjoy!

Gossamer Threads
Gossamer threads begin breaking one by one

Never knowin’ when it started or it’s done

Like a relentless rill carvin’ mountain stone

The closer that you look, the less is shown


If you love the fabric, you don’t focus on the tear

If you love the mountain, you overlook the wear


Though love is not reality’s blinder

It grinds a lens whose imag…

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