Frequently Asked Questions

The decisions you make now about what you want for your future are important. So, if you are like most people, you want to understand all your options and choices.

Please review the FAQs below for answers. In this section we answer commonly asked questions about membership plans, care coordination, and options for care in the future.

If you have other questions or would like a free phone consultation, please call today to talk to a Plan Counselor about turning your dreams for your future into a real plan.

Questions about Membership

  • What does Friends Life Care offer?

    Friends Life Care offers a unique combination of benefits and a wide range of customizable and flexible plans and choices. Membership in Friends Life Care enables people to age in place, independently—the way they prefer.

    For over 30 years, Friends Life Care has been dedicated to helping people like you ensure they have financial security and the care needed to remain living independently at home. Over that time, we have grown to be the largest and strongest program of its kind in the country.

  • Who is eligible to apply for membership?

    Application for Friends Life Care membership is open to individuals aged 40 to 85 years old in reasonably good health who are living independently in the states of Pennsylvania or Delaware. We have also expanded into central Pennsylvania through partnerships with SpiriTrust Lutheran, Morningstar Living and Landis Communities.

  • What does the application process include?

    Your plan counselor is available to help you to complete the application. Each application is processed through a comprehensive medical assessment in order to return a final decision regarding your membership options. This helps to ensure that everyone's membership is protected into the future.

  • Can you explain the membership plan options?

    Friends Life Care membership offers you the opportunity to customize a plan to fit your preference. For instance, in standard membership, you may choose a benefit period of two, three, four, five or seven years of care. And you can select a different daily dollar benefit starting at $75 and increasing at increments of $25 up to $250. It is best to connect with a knowledgeable Plan Counselor to tailor a plan to meet your needs. There are discounts available for more than one person living in the same household.

  • Do all memberships include access to a Care Coordinator?

    Yes. All Friends Life Care members have a personal Care Coordinator who oversees your care at every phase of your life. Care Coordinators are trained and skilled care professionals assigned to you from day one of membership. Their initial focus is on wellness and prevention.

  • Can you help if I need care now?

    Yes – we can refer you to services that can help you if you need care now. If you or a loved one needs in-home care in eastern Pennsylvania, call our trusted partner, Caring Friends Home Care, at 484-206-7657. If you need care in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin or York counties, we encourage you to call SpiriTrust Lutheran at 717-854-3971. If you need care in Berks, Lehigh, Northampton or Monroe counties, we encourage you to call Morningstar Living at 610-746-1000. If you need care in Lancaster, Luzerne, Lebanon or Dauphin counties, we encourage you to call Landis Communities at 717-381-3500. If you or a loved one may need care management services, please call our trusted partner, Intervention Associates at 610-254-9001. The application process for Friends Life Care membership requires that people are in reasonably good health and includes a thorough medical assessment to determine present health status. If you have questions about eligibility, please call 800-496-1985 today.

  • What if I live to be 110 years old...or older?

    No matter at what age you enroll, your membership does not automatically expire. If you live to be 90 or 100 or 130 years old, you are still covered under the plan options you select just as long as your membership is maintained.

  • Can I pay for my membership directly from a checking or savings account via ACH?

    Yes, you can with the security of DocuSign. Copy and paste this link into your Internet browser to get started:

  • What if I already have long-term care insurance?

    If you already have long-term care insurance, Friends Life Care could be the missing piece to your retirement plan. While long-term care insurance provides financial coverage, it does not include the hands-on level of support Friends Life Care's Wellness Coordination team does. In fact, about a third of Friends Life Care members also have a long-term care insurance policy. Learn more in this video:

Questions about Friends Life Care Services

  • How is the decision made about home-care services that I may need during membership?

    Your Care Coordinator will conduct a detailed functional assessment based on a discussion with you about your issues and needs. If you wish, you may select a family member or ask your power of attorney to participate. Based on your requirements for assistance with the activities of daily living, the quantity, frequency, duration and kinds of services you need will be established and recorded in your care plan. You sign the care plan and keep a copy.

  • What should I do if I know I have a scheduled hospitalization?

    The more time we have to make arrangements for your care, the easier it is to select and assign a home care aide that can address your specific situation. If you are hospitalized or have a hospitalization scheduled, it is wise to let your Care Coordinator know as soon as possible so they may assess the potential need for care upon your discharge.

  • Who decides if I need care in an assisted living facility or nursing home?

    A decision to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home typically involves your Care Coordinator and your personal physician, in addition to you, a family member(s) and/or your durable power of attorney. The decision is based on the conclusion that, given your current health condition, your home is no longer safe and manageable.

  • I understand Friends Life Care helps me age in my own home, but what if there comes a time when I require care in an assisted living facility or a nursing home?

    Friends Life Care is knowledgeable about trusted assisted living facilities and nursing homes throughout the region. Your Care Coordinator can help you find a facility that meets your needs and will ensure that it meets our strict Quality Credentialing process.

    Your Care Coordinator can arrange for you or your family member to visit these facilities to determine whether one is right for you. Your benefits can continue if you have selected a plan that covers facility care.

  • What if moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home means that I move out of the Pennsylvania or Delaware area?

    You have to be a resident of Pennsylvania or Delaware to enroll in Friends Life Care membership. However, your membership can continue if you move out of state. This holds true even when members who need care in an assisted living facility or a nursing home select a facility close to family members who may reside outside the Friends Life Care core coverage area. In this circumstance, the family typically takes responsibility for making the facility selection; however, the care coordinator is still available to help.

  • What is VigR®?

    VigR® is Friends Life Care’s philosophy regarding prevention, health and wellness. It is centered on the important areas of vitality, independence, growth, and resilience. Through the year, Friends Life Care offers workshops, webinars, events, Meet a Member features and more – all part of how we deliver on VigR® for members and friends.

Questions About Home Care Providers

  • How does Friends Life Care manage its trusted network of home care providers?

    Friends Life Care has an established, trusted network of contracted home care providers throughout the geographic area we serve. These agencies are experienced in hiring, training and monitoring home care aides and they have undergone our Quality Credentialing process. In the unusual circumstance that one of these contracted providers cannot serve your needs, the Care Coordinator will locate a qualified agency in the geographic area that can provide the required care. Some home care aides will be provided by SpiriTrust Lutheran, Morningstar Living, or Landis Communities through their trusted provider network which has coverage across central Pennsylvania.

  • What is the Friends Life Care Quality Credentialing process?

    Friends Life Care is dedicated to providing members with the care they need. Our thorough Quality Credentialing approach to selecting, monitoring and evaluating caregivers is an important part of this. We insure in-home care providers – agencies and registries – hold licensure with the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health and Certificate of General Liability Insurance as well as that they have established procedures for caregiver background checks, tuberculosis screening, personal interview, reference review, competency testing, as well as ongoing supervision, training, and audits.

  • What is the role of my personal Care Coordinator when I need a home care aide?

    Home care aides are there to assist you with tasks that you no longer can perform on your own, whether temporarily or permanently. This relationship is very personal; it is important that you get along well and communicate effectively. Friends Life Care is committed to finding the right match for you. If you live in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin or York counties, SpiriTrust Lutheran will also help. If you live in Berks, Lehigh, Northampton or Monroe counties, Morningstar Living will also help. If you live in Lancaster, Luzerne, Lebanon or Dauphin counties, Landis Communities will also help. Your Care Coordinator will contact you soon after service has been established to find out how things are working out and to make changes if necessary. Your Care Coordinator will also maintain ongoing oversight.

    Please feel free to contact your Care Coordinator to share feedback about your experience of care.

Questions about Relocating

  • What happens if I move somewhere else after I become a member?

    If you relocate anywhere in the United States after you become a member, you carry your Friends Life Care plan with you. After your relocation, your Care Coordinator will keep in touch based on a schedule that the two of you agree upon.

  • What happens if I need care while I'm traveling?

    If you require our services while traveling or visiting anywhere in the United States, you receive coverage under the Friends Life Care plan. We pay a flat rate for care if you travel outside the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

    Please feel free to contact your Care Coordinator for details on this.

Questions About Privacy and Confidentiality

  • How do you make sure my personal information is secure?

    As a health care provider, Friends Life Care is in full compliance with the Health Insurance Privacy and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This Act requires us to develop policies and procedures for safeguarding your protected health information. We take your privacy seriously.

  • Will I receive information about Friends Life Care privacy and confidentiality policies when I enroll?

    Yes. You will be given information regarding these policies when you enroll in the Friends Life Care Plan.

  • Do you have a Mission Statement?

    Yes. Our mission statement is from Friends Life Care Partners, our parent company. It reads: Advancing long-term care and wellness through innovative solutions that anticipate and respond to lifelong health care needs. Ensuring service excellence and sustainability through our commitment to Quaker values.

Questions about my Financial Investment

  • I understand Friends Life Care provides care across the full continuum as I age. I've heard continuing care providers charge large up-front entry fees. Is your plan different?

    Continuing care providers are legally required to charge an entry fee, but it does not have to be paid in a large up-front sum. Friends Life Care is considered a "continuing care retirement community without walls." As such, the organization meets all of the regulatory requirements of a continuing care provider, including reserves, disclosure, membership meetings, annual financial audits and more. To make the plan easier and more affordable, our "entry fees" are folded into the regular flat payments that members make annually or monthly, according to preference.

    For questions about Care Coordination, visit our Member FAQ.

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