seniors performing qigong on World Tai chi and Qigong Day

If there is one thing we want as we age, it is energy. Thanks to research in neuroscience,  there is evidence that suggests that we can  regulate  and balance the brain’s networks and generate energy through mindful relaxation, mindful awareness and mindful movement. As a result, we can potentially preserve and sustain our energy as we get older, to bring about not only longevity but also a good quality of life. Qigong (pronounced chee gong), a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing training, is one type of mindfulness practice that can help in achieving th…

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“Stand up straight!” How many times have you heard those
words in your life? Chances are the answer is a lot. Most of us accept that
good posture is important, (see “Why it Matters”
below), but often we’re more likely to notice someone else’s postural shortcomings than sense our own. Even when
we make an adjustment, such as bringing our shoulders further back, typically
they drift right back to where they were as soon as we stop paying attention.
What’s a well-intentioned person to do?

The answer is paradoxically simple and complex and requires
a whole-bod…

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Detoxifying Foods

By Etta Hornsteiner
detoxifying foods, smoothie

Why do we eat? Yes, it’s a real
question. And there are many answers. We eat to satisfy hunger. We eat to
remain healthy. We eat because we like food or certain foods. We eat for
comfort. Now we can add to these answers: We eat to detoxify our body. Strange?
Not really.

In my last blog,
I discussed how the human body has a built-in detoxifying system that is so efficient
and effective that there is no real need for us to invest routinely or occasionally
in detoxifying products. Instead, says Harvard
Health, if you’re generally healthy, you should “concentrate
on g…

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water and lemons help to detox the body by removing toxic substances

My first one was many years ago. The product cost me a pretty penny, but after the sales pitch by the health representative, I was looking forward to becoming like the Six Million Dollar Man: I’d be better, stronger, and faster. I decided to try the detox because so many people were telling me that it would help relieve my two chronic complaints: joint pain and fatigue. After three days of detox, I was much the same, though a few people did comment that my complexion had improved.

Health stores and agents continue to
promote detox as an effective way to improve health…

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