Hydration and nutrition play a critical role in the overall health of our mind and body. This is true for everyone but especially important for aging adults. When you listen to this presentation, you will learn more.

It specifically focuses on the importance of adequate hydration and the MIND diet.  This diet is a brain-healthy one.  The acronym stands for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay.
Research Backs This Up
The Mayo Clinic features the MIND diet on its website. Furthermore, they mention research that reveals: “Eating certain foods (and…

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Depression After Retirement?

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September 12th, 2022 Health & Wellness No Comments

For many of us, we’ve spent time during our working years daydreaming about the idyllic Golden Years of retirement. We envision peace, joy and fulfillment in retirement, with no bosses, no schedules and ample free time to enjoy all the things we couldn’t do when life was in busier phases.

Therefore, it comes as a surprise to many when post-retirement blues set in, or when recurring depression doesn’t magically lift in this  long-imagined reprieve from life’s stressors.
Retiring Can Cause Mixed Emotions
Despite our reveries, it is not uncommon for retirees to exp…

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Crossword puzzles. Learning a language. Taking up a new hobby. Recommendations on how to keep your aging brain stimulated are increasingly available.  These messages are delivered by healthcare professionals and magazine covers at the grocery store. 

And — if you’re lucky — you’ll find wellness programs available in your community. But what happens if you can’t see the crossword clues well enough to read them? Or miss out on key sounds in the Spanish language learning videos?

Researchers are making increasing discoveries into the role that sensory changes, i…

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Walking into a room and forgetting what you went there to do. That “tip of the tongue” feeling when you see your neighbor but can’t remember their name. Misplacing your cell phone and wondering where you saw it last. For older adults, these experiences aren’t just annoying, they feel like a warning sign: Decline Ahead.
Aging Changes How Brains Work
Whether you have a family history of dementia or not, many of us assume that, with age, everyone’s thinking skills deteriorate, as if we are designed to unravel cognitively. The truth is that normal aging does change …

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Are you a proud multi-tasker? You may want to re-think that.

In a world saturated with incoming stimulation, it is easy to assume that we can handle multiple things at once. Ever watch TV while scrolling through social media? Drive your car while checking a text message? FaceTime with a family member while preparing dinner? This multi-tasking is commonplace. And yet, the science reveals that it may not help with productivity or brain health.
Multi-Tasking Has “Switching Costs”
Defining multi-tasking as “doing two or more things at once” is actually misleading. In r…

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