Friends Life Care Membership: Understanding the Finances, Figures, and Facts

Membership in Friends Life Care is an investment in your future which includes an important financial benefit. This helps ensure you can cover the cost of long-term care you may need as you age. Friends Life Care membership can be the answer to your questions about how to successfully age in place and make your retirement years all you imagined.

There are many membership choices available. You can even choose a plan to supplement a long-term care insurance policy you already hold. We can help you select the option that works best for your lifestyle and finances.

Take a look at how much long-term care can cost. Then build your customized plan by filling out the form below to access the Friends Life Care Membership Calculator and get a quote.

Cost of Care
Cost of care: you can expect to pay around $208 a day
for a home health aide in the future.

Cost of care: you can expect to pay as much as $305 a day
for an assisted living facility in the future.

How long is long-term care?
On average, women need care 3.7 years.
Men need care for 2.2 years
and 20% of seniors will require care for over 5 years.

How much do different plan options cost?

How big of a pool of money do you want to have in your Friends Life Care membership?

Do you want to include self-pay along with access to membership funds?

Are you curious about pricing for different benefit amounts you can choose? Watch these videos to learn more and fill out the short form below them to access the calculator.

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