Your Financial Benefit

Membership in Friends Life Care includes an important financial benefit. This helps ensure you can cover the cost of long-term care you may need as you age. Friends Life Care membership can be the answer to your questions about how to pay for care and how to make your retirement years all you imagined.

Cost of care: you can expect to pay around $160 a day
for a home health aide in the future.

Cost of care: you can expect to pay as much as $237 a day
for an assisted living facility in the future.

There are many membership choices available. Calculate which customized plan fits you best. You can even choose an option to supplement long-term care insurance you already hold. We can help you to build a plan that works best for your lifestyle and finances.

How long is long-term care?
On average, women need care 3.7 years.
Men need care for 2.2 years
and 20% of seniors will require care for over 5 years.

How much money do you want to have access to with a Friends Life Care membership? How much do you want to self-pay?

Benefits Calculator

Friends Life Care offers many plan options you can customize to what you need and want. Use this Benefits Calculator to find out what different plan options award you.  Are you curious about different benefit amounts you can choose? 

Follow these 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Select your age – Choose your current age range.
  2. What coverage would you like – The moment you enroll as a member, you have access to your full benefit to cover care should you need it. Choose how much money you’d like to have daily for care.
  3. For how long – How many years do you want to insure you have benefits? Select from all these options.

After you make your selections, click “see results” and see your benefits number. You can change coverage and length of time to find other choices too.

The number calculated is the financial benefit, the pool of money, available to you to pay for care if you need it.

Friends Life Care Membership Benefits Calculator

* All secured plan options include an elimination period: 120, 180 or 365 days
* For households with a Secured plan member and a full member, only the full member is eligible for a discount of any kind, including the couple/partner discount

Your money to cover care if and when needed

Friends Life Care memberships provides you with a pool of money to pay for care. Your Care Coordinator will help to determine if and when you need care to begin. If you use up this pool of money, you can continue as a member with all the same care coordination benefits as long as you maintain your annual membership. The difference is that you then pay out-of-pocket for necessary ongoing care you receive.

For pricing specific to you and your needs, please call 800-496-1985 or fill out this form and one of our plan counselors will reach out to you for a free, personal consultation.

Results are based on the inputs into the calculator and are provided for illustrative purposes only.

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Planning for retirement comes with a lot of questions. Start asking the right ones with the help of this free retirement guide.


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