Long-Term Care Options

Long-term care insurance is often chosen as a plan for future support should the need for care arise. While financial coverage is provided, the insured do not receive the same hands-on level of support the Friends Life Care care coordination team uniquely provides. Some policy holders may have access to an 800 number. Others may be left on their own to do things like research, coordinate, and oversee all of the care that they need. This can be a tremendous undertaking that usually comes with time pressure and emotional burden, especially when you are also challenged with a health concern.

There are other notable differences between what you can find with long-term care insurance and Friends Life Care membership. With Friends Life Care and its commitment to Quaker values, you are never a number. With long-term care insurance, you are required to get written certification from your doctor stating that your health concern is expected to last 90 days or more. With Friends Life Care membership, you can begin care when you need it.

Others choose to move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)*, or life plan community, when ready to enjoy their retirement years. It is well known that the cost of joining a community usually requires a large up-front payment, plus monthly fees.

Even with a hybrid plan of insurance and investments, there is no guide or coordinator provided to you when you are most in need.

This is the true Friends Life Care difference. A credentialed, dedicated Care Coordinator is assigned to you on day 1 of your membership. Should the time for in-home care come, your trusted advocate is right by your side, ready to put your plan into action and monitor it to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care wherever you call home.

* Even if a community is the right place for you to call home, you may benefit from being a member of Friends Life Care so you can take advantage of care coordination and financial benefits.

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