A Tradition of Cherished Support

The Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers, maintains a long and cherished tradition of support for people as they age. Traditionally, Quakers have been known for developing practical programs to meet each individual’s needs.

A collaboration among Quakers created the first continuing-care-at-home plan in the United States. That plan is Friends Life Care. Because Friends Life Care was the first, we feel a special obligation to continue to evolve to meet changing needs and expectations. That happens through the efforts of a dedicated team that works together to maintain everything that is the best of what we do while realizing a vision for what comes next.

Quaker values of integrity, inclusion, compassion, and respect for human dignity provide the focus for our work today and for the future. All divisions of our team embrace that tradition and commitment.

A nonprofit Quaker organization, Friends Life Care offers an affordable independent aging option designed to help you thrive in your own home through the years knowing your savings are protected and a plan is in place if care is ever needed.