Friends Life Care Consultants, Inc.

With the nation’s 79 million baby boomers turning 65 at a rate of roughly 10,000 per day, creative, flexible and progressive models of care for the aging must follow. Collectively, the companies of Friends Life Care Partners offer a continuum of care and a portfolio of services that support people of all ages, with all conditions, in all situations.

As the consulting arm of Friends Life Care Partners—the pioneer of continuing care at home (CCAH)—Friends Life Care Consultants, Inc. draws on more than 30 years of experience operating the first, largest and most successful CCAH plan in the United States. We developed and continue to grow the largest historical CCAH utilization database in the industry.

Our experience involves serving thousands of customers, and we use what we’ve learned to guide your success. From feasibility studies through implementation, training and marketing, we offer comprehensive consulting that can help your non-profit deliver innovative in-home services for the generation that is redefining what it means to grow old. We tailor Friends Life Care’s unique, flexible business model to suit your specific target market. Working with our actuarial partner, we conduct an exhaustive three-phase feasibility study to evaluate the potential for CCAH in your market, determine the plan structure and set appropriate pricing—with or without entrance fees.

Our soup-to-nuts implementation includes establishing policies and procedures, hiring and training your staff and developing and launching a detailed marketing plan.

The welfare of the people we serve is the first priority of all of the organizations of Friends Life Care Partners.

Trusted Partners

Friends Life Care Partners has long-standing relationships with trusted partners, Intervention Associates and Caring Friends Home Care.

Intervention Associates has been providing care management services for decades and is dedicated to helping people thrive in place as they age. And Caring Friends Home Care provides both home care and concierge services. Intervention Associates and Caring Friends Home Care are owned and operated by Houseworks, LLC.

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