Reliable, Credentialed Caregivers You Can Trust

When you do need care, you can trust in our carefully trained and supervised caregivers to provide services truly personalized to you, and arranged by your Care Coordinator.

Friends Life Care has an established, trusted network of contracted home care providers throughout the geographic area we serve. These agencies are experienced in hiring, training and monitoring home care aides and undergo our Quality Credentialing process.

In the unusual circumstance that one of these contracted providers cannot serve your needs, the Care Coordinator will locate a qualified agency in the geographic area that can provide the required care.

Our thorough Quality Credentialing approach to selecting, monitoring and evaluating caregivers is an important part of providing members with the care they need.

Our Quality Credentialing Process includes:

  • Ensuring in-home care providers – agencies and registries – hold licensure with the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health and Certificate of General Liability Insurance
  • Established procedures for caregiver criminal background checks
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • Personal interview
  • Reference review
  • Competency testing
  • Ongoing supervision, training and audits

We stand by our caregivers’ compassion, skill and performance.

Your satisfaction is paramount

Home care aides are there to assist you with tasks that you no longer can perform on your own, whether temporarily or permanently. This relationship is very personal; it is important that you get along well and communicate effectively. Friends Life Care is committed to finding the right match for you.

Your Care Coordinator will contact you soon after service has been established to find out how things are working out and to make changes if necessary. Your Care Coordinator will also maintain ongoing oversight and communication, which will largely be done in-person.

We understand the sensitive nature of entrusting a caregiver. Clients and families frequently grapple with issues of dignity, privacy and pride, and worry about the caliber of the people providing care. We take these concerns very seriously.

Our Associate Directors of Care Coordination work together to identify and oversee this network of qualified caregivers. This means that you and your Care Coordinator know the right person is available at the right time.

Our goal is for you feel comfortable and well-cared for by your caregiver. Any concerns about your care will be addressed by your Care Coordinator. He or she will work to resolve any matter you may have.

Please feel free to contact your Care Coordinator to share feedback about your experience of care.

Caregiver services are provided to you at a reduced rate

The cost of caregiver services is provided to you at a discounted rate. Friends Life Care’s rate is notably less compared to home care agencies. We work hard to negotiate competitive rates in order to keep your membership fees down.

In need of care now?

Visit our trusted partners: Caring Friends Home Care, a provider of in-home care and concierge services, or Intervention Associates for care management services. Intervention Associates and Caring Friends Home Care are owned and operated by Houseworks, LLC.