Comprehensive Care Coordination When and How You Need It

There are realities to aging—and for many that means a decline in health either temporarily or over time. When the unexpected happens, you’ve already got a time-tested support system in place as a Friends Life Care member.

On day 1 of your membership, a Care Coordinator will be assigned to you as your personal healthcare advocate, providing assessments, advice, workshops, and other preventative and wellness offerings tailored to you. He or she works to anticipate your needs and resolve your issues—and not just during a health crisis. We are there before you need care.

You’ll learn more about the award-winning VigR® program and its focus on wellness and prevention. VigR® stands for vitality, independence, growth and resilience and is an essential philosophy that Friends Life Care has developed with you and your needs in mind.  Ask about workshops, webinars or other interesting and wellness-based activities that you may enjoy attending in your local area.

When and if you are in need of in-home care for any length of time, your Care Coordinator’s role shifts from wellness and prevention to a focus on arranging, scheduling, and overseeing care through our network of providers. We will:

  • Design and oversee a personal care plan.
  • Assess potential health risks and conditions going forward.
  • Arrange and supervise your required care as it evolves.
  • Schedule in-home care services as needed.
  • Keep track of your medical conditions, advance directive and other important information.
  • Coordinate outside healthcare services.
  • Help navigate through the complex healthcare system, as appropriate.
  • Evaluate and recommend home safety measures.
  • Serve as liaison with family members so they are not burdened with filling the difficult caregiver role.

Our Care Coordinators are highly trained professionals and our own staff members. Your support is already in place even before it’s needed. Care Coordinators have the tools they need to help including 12 different health assessments.  Services are provided how and when you require them, and adjust as your needs change.

If your health changes, just pick up the phone. You have access to support 24/7 to consult with a Care Coordinator. As decisions about your health and care come up, you can also be advised by someone you’ve already developed a relationship with—your Care Coordinator.

Credentialed Caregivers

When you do need care, you can trust in our carefully trained and supervised caregivers to provide services truly personalized to you.
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