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July 14th, 2020 Health & Wellness No Comments
VgR(R) Chats

Friends Life Care Partners is rooted in Quaker values.  The organization is a not for profit. And Friends Life Care’s philosophy — VigR® Vitality Independence Growth Resilience™ — grows on this with a commitment to health and wellness from prevention and wellbeing to care coordination.

Wellness & Care Coordinators at Friends Life Care work in a collaborative way. The Coordinators help members thrive at home as they age.  Each Wellness & Care Coordinator brings a diverse background of skills, talent, experience and knowledge.  They will share this knowledge with you in a new eMeetinghouse blog series.  The series is called VigR® ChatAnd it includes videos recorded by the Care Coordination team featuring a wide variety of topics.

Benefits of Assertive Communication


The first VigR® Chat video in the series is presented by Gail Tomarchio.  Her presentation is called “The Benefits of Assertive Communication“. She differentiates between aggressive and assertive behavior.  In addition, she provides important tips you can put into practice. These tips can help you feel better and live better by improving your communication with others.

View her presentation now:

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As always, we’d appreciate hearing from you.  Please leave a comment after this post (or on YouTube) about this video or about the VigR® Chat series.  Be well.  Be safe.  And be assertive — rather than aggressive or passive — in your communications.


Contributed by:

Gail Tomarchio, MA, LPC, NCC

Director of Wellness Initiatives

Gail is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, and a certified yoga instructor. She is passionate about health and wellness.  And she is passionate about helping others overcome self-perceived limitations so they can live their most authentic life.

Her expertise comes from years of studying human behavior, the Dimensions of Wellness, positive psychology, and habit change. And she has integrated this information into every aspect of her work. In addition to program development, counseling and coaching, Gail has presented workshops on various wellness topics. She has written for wellness newsletters and about the  positive role of mindfulness in the workplace.  Her article was published in CDHC Solutions, a magazine for employee health professionals. She formerly hosted a radio show on B101 Philadelphia, discussing health related issues.


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