VigR™ and Wellness: A Proactive Approach to Resilience

At Friends Life Care, our goal is to help keep you healthy and actively enjoying the lifestyle you’ve invested in and built. We believe vitality, independence, growth and resilience (VigR), can make the difference between aging and aging well. Delivering smart health and wellness solutions is critical to the very foundation of what Friends Life Care service is all about.

Health and wellness—from prevention to maintenance of the best possible quality of life—is the philosophy behind VigR and the service we deliver. Everything we do, from workshops, webinars and member meetings to our scientifically validated wellness assessments, in-home accessibility evaluations and community connections, is designed to help maximize your health and well-being.

Recognizing that you are the expert in knowing what you want, we partner with you as you move toward achieving your wellness goals. VigR is designed to inform, educate, connect, and inspire you to thrive in place and ensure the future you want.

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