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Are you looking for support for a loved one who might have dementia, Special Needs or a mental health disorder?  Would you like to improve and protect their quality of life? Check out the new Intervention Associates blog!

Intervention Associates (IVA) provides unparalleled professional care management, guardianship healthcare power of attorney and advocacy services, to individuals directly and through collaboration with the professionals who work with them. For over 25 years, IVA has been committed to delivering peace of mind, navigating the intricacies of the health…

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Further research on the benefits of meditation has led to a plethora of fascinating discoveries, including its overwhelmingly positive impact on aging brains.

Meditation is the practice of shifting your focus to the present moment. Clearing your mind for just 10 minutes every day significantly reduces stress, controls anxiety and promotes good health.

Unfortunately, despite the proven benefits, many older adults don’t participate in meditation. Many say they don’t have time, and others claim they’re unable to clear their mind of all thought. The good news is, medi…

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A study published last year in the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that people are afraid of doing things alone, especially activities deemed “social” by society. These activities include bowling, going to the movies and even vacations.

The same study concludes that people need to experience things alone because of the mental and physical benefits. When forced to participate in certain solo activities, the study showed participants ended up enjoying themselves just as much as people who did the activities with a partner.

Seeing a new film or bowling a game solo …

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