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A study published last year in the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that people are afraid of doing things alone, especially activities deemed “social” by society. These activities include bowling, going to the movies and even vacations.

The same study concludes that people need to experience things alone because of the mental and physical benefits. When forced to participate in certain solo activities, the study showed participants ended up enjoying themselves just as much as people who did the activities with a partner.

Seeing a new film or bowling a game solo …

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5 Reasons To Plan More Day Trips

By Cheryl Proska
October 18th, 2017 For Members No Comments

Vacation is an important part of life. Unfortunately, people don’t take enough vacations, especially those individuals who can’t afford to take time off from work.

Even though a week-long vacation is vital to living a healthier life, sometimes just a quick day trip will have the same effect. Taking a break from life not only reduces stress but also helps to reconnect people with family and friends.

Here are five reasons to plan more day trips in the coming year.

Day Trips Are Affordable
The hotel is always the most expensive part of traveling. Staying at a r…

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Just because the kids have grown, that doesn’t mean you have to give up family vacations. Vacation time becomes a chance for parents and offspring to reconnect. In fact, as many parents of young adults already know, family vacations can be a lot more fun when the kids get older.

But how do you plan a family trip that appeals to everyone? Choosing a location for a family vacation with young adults can be a challenging. It’s difficult to find a destination that offers a variety of entertainment and cultural options to suit a variety of ages.

Here are some travel tips …

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