5 ways to bring favorite activities home

By Michele McGovern
April 19th, 2021 Health & Wellness No Comments

You always planned to age in place. The pandemic – and stay-at-home orders that followed – probably accelerated the plan. Fortunately, you have endless options to bring your favorite activities home.

Even as more older adults get the COVID-19 vaccine, you still want to stay safe. And that may mean sticking close to home for some time. But you don’t have to – or will want to – miss activities, luxuries or traditions you enjoyed outside the home.

Instead, make home your haven for everything you love.

Here’s how to do your favorite activities at home, plus tips to help you find more comfort and peace in your home.

Meet up again

If you miss the person, people or group you used to meet for coffee, cocktails or book discussions, it’s time to get the gang back together.

You can set up virtual meetings in Skype or on Zoom with your tablet or through a video call on your smartphone. Then fire up the coffee pot, shake up your favorite cocktail or finish that book and meet again.

You can find tips to create and navigate free virtual meetings here. If you have a smartphone, try the tips here to make a FaceTime call.

Dine in like you’d dine out

If you loved eating out, the thrill of new cuisines and being served, you can try to recreate the restaurant experience in your home. Although, you’ll probably still have to do some dishes when all is said and done.

  • The easiest way: Order from your favorite local restaurant and have it delivered. Then enjoy the meal like you would at the restaurant – whether that’s at a table set with candles and good china or on a barstool watching your favorite team. If your favorite place doesn’t deliver, you might be able to get delivery through apps such as DoorDash and UberEats.
  • Another way: Make your simple meal a little more special by creating an ambiance. Use the good china. Set the dining room table. Take your time and enjoy the tastes.
  • A unique way: Try a backyard picnic. Pack sandwiches and a thermos and step outside as the weather warms up. Set up a tablecloth on the porch, patio or backyard table. While you’re out there, try some other favorite on-the-go activities such as birdwatching or gardening.
  • A new way: For a new experience and adventure, take a virtual cooking class and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can find free virtual cooking classes here. They’ll send you the recipes and grocery list a few days before the class. You can shop safely at your convenience or have groceries delivered.


You might miss group exercise classes at this point. But you don’t have to give them up entirely. As long as you have a safe, wide and stable area to exercise – perhaps a room with little furniture, an outdoor space or a large living room – you can bring exercise classes home.

Even if you already followed an exercise regimen with a group outside of your home, you’ll still want to check with your doctor before starting in-home classes. Also, ask a trusted friend for family member to take a look at the area where you plan to exercise to confirm it’s a safe surrounding.

From there, consider doing online classes on your tablet or laptop. You can find dozens of free classes geared toward people aging in place on YouTube when you search “exercise for older adults.” Beyond that, if you have a membership at a local gym or civic center, you might already have access to free virtual classes. Call your gym or search its website to find what’s available.

You can also check your local library’s online directory for exercise videos to rent. Most libraries make it easy to have items held and picked up with no contact.

Enjoy hobbies

For every hobby you enjoyed or took part in outside the home, there’s likely a way to do it again at home. From art and science to sports and culture, your favorite passions and pastimes are available within your home.

Look for your favorite on-the-go activities and passions or explore new interests here. You can take virtual museum tours and vacations. Or you might pick up new hobbies with any of these at-home lesson on everything from finance to drawing lessons.

Embrace the hygge lifestyle

Hygge is Danish word, meaning “a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable,” according to Merriam-Webster. It’s about feeling comfortable, content and cozy in your surroundings – especially when those surroundings are your home.

Here are some tips to hygge your home, so it’s even easier to relax and enjoy your favorite activities at home instead of outside:

  • Remove stressors. When it’s time to relax and enjoy your home, turn off or put away the things that cause you stress and anxiety.
  • Enjoy leisure. Sounds’ simple, but it’s not for many active older adults. To fully enjoy your surroundings, you want to be in the moment. Avoid multi-tasking. Instead, think about what you’re doing for downtime.
  • Get comfortable. Wear comfortable, clean clothing that’s in line with your usual style.
  • Light a candle. Hygge time calls for the light glow and soft scents of candles.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Maintain a few indoor plants to get a feel for the outdoors even when the weather is bad. Even better, try to bring in fresh flowers every week or so.
  • Add a fire. You can build one in a wood burning fireplace, turn on one in a gas insert or stream a burning fire on your device to add this essential hygge element.
  • Create your space. If possible, designate a spot in your home where you can relax regularly. Keep a favorite blanket and pillow nearby and designate a place to hold your comfort drink.

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