25 ways to take a virtual vacation

By Michele McGovern
February 15th, 2021 Health & Wellness No Comments

Whether the pandemic grounded you, or you prefer to stay home, take a virtual vacation. It’s the way to travel this year.

The variety of vacations you can take from the confines of your home are practically limitless. In fact, older adults might be able to travel more than ever this year because you can go from beaches and mountains to art museums and historical sites virtually.

Here are a multitude of vacation ideas to enjoy from home:

National points of interest

You can take a virtual vacation to visit national monuments, historical points of interest and national parks.

International sensations


Check out museums and other cultural events or destinations during your virtual vacations:


You don’t have to don a bathing suit or get sand stuck between your toes because you can relax and take these beach virtual vacations.

Mountains and beyond

How about a hike or ride through mountains and beyond?


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