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August 11th, 2020 For Members No Comments

This is the next post in the new VigR Chat series.  This series is created by the Friends Life Care Wellness and Care Coordination team.  Linda Hnatow, Care Coordinator and Registered Nurse, presents on pulse oximetry — an easy, no-needle test to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood.

“Oxygen is the Gas that Makes your Body Go”

The question has been asked if having a pulse oximeter in your house is necessary during the COVID crisis.  This webinar video explains the importance of oxygen in your blood, what a pulse oximeter does, how to use it, and whether you could benefit from having one.

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Contributed by:

Linda Hnatow, BSN, RN, MS

Care Coordinator

Linda joined Friends Life Care in 2018 in the role of Care Coordinator. She began her career in molecular biology research before earning a degree in Nursing from West Chester University.  After working in skilled nursing, she took on a role as an educator and consultant on a grant for nursing homes throughout Pennsylvania to help improve care practices of multidisciplinary teams.  Linda’s focus has been on geriatric and holistic care.  She enjoys helping older adults live the best life they can.  In her free time, she is involved with her church, rescues cats and raises chickens.


oxygen quote source: Am Thoracic Society

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