Summer Education: History Lessons in Philadelphia

By Cheryl Proska

You’re probably aware that you live close to one of the most important historical cities in The United States. Maybe you forgot about the array of historical gems in downtown Philly, but the summer is the perfect time to learn some new history lessons and bring the family along the way!

From museums to historical houses, Philadelphia has so many educational locations. There are a number of events happening around the city to celebrate the historical significance of Philadelphia. If you’re looking for something historical to do in the city of brotherly love, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few historical sites you can visit with the family this summer.

The Historic District

Philadelphia’s Historic District has a variety of historical landmarks, restaurants, and reenactments that your family is sure to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites.

Visit The Liberty Bell

You can’t visit Philadelphia without taking a selfie with the Liberty Bell! As an international symbol of freedom, visiting this American relic should be at the top of your list. The Liberty Bell Center not only holds the infamous bell, but it also showcases historic documents and graphic images that explore the myths behind it.

When you visit The Liberty Bell center, you get a 360 view of the historic bell and you can even see an x-ray that allows you to explore its legendary crack. The best part? It’s free! That’s right, you don’t need to buy tickets to get into this historical attraction, but we suggest visiting during non-peak hours to avoid massive lines.

See Independence Hall

Make a stop at the birthplace of freedom by taking a tour at Independence Hall. This important historical spot is part of the U.S. National Park Service and an Independence National Historical Park. So, you and your family can take a guided tour from a National Park ranger. The tours are free, but you might need to reserve a ticket for a time slot—depending on how busy the Hall is that day.

One of the most interesting things about Independence Hall is the actual inkstand used to sign the Declaration of Independence and an original draft of the Constitution are still prominently displayed inside.

Frolic Franklin Square

Established as one of the original parks of Philadelphia by William Penn, Franklin Square is a hotbed of historical goodness and family-friendly fun. You can putt putt through the city’s only miniature golf course, or ride the Parx Liberty Carousel.

You can even visit the Living Flame Memorial, which was originally conceived in 1976. This memorial is dedicated to Philadelphia’s Heroes; it is one of the few memorials in the country dedicated to both fallen Police Officers and Firefighters.

Hang out at The Betsy Ross House

During the day you can visit the Betsy Ross house and see the flag raised at 10 am. Then, take a tour through the historical home. There are audio tours for both children and adults, so everyone can learn at their own level!

Your kids can meet Betsy Ross in her upholstery shop. There are even a number of special events scheduled throughout the summer that will help you learn more about this trailblazing woman.

Storytelling Benches

After hanging out with Betsy Ross, head over to the Once Upon A Nation Storytelling Benches where you can listen to Declaration Readings, and participate in special activities.

If you want to do something fun and educational with your family, summer is the perfect time to visit a few of Philadelphia’s many historical sites. The city preserves these landmarks so we can learn where our nation came from, and inspire younger generations to continue in the great experiment. Plan your next historical Philadelphia outing today!

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