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September 9th, 2019 Health & Wellness No Comments

Friends Life Care member, Valerie Brown, knows about the power intention has to shape lives.  Being raised in poverty in Brooklyn, New York,  her intentions were simple:  “Make money.  Get out of Brooklyn”, which wasn’t the swanky place it is today. This intention drove her to law school and to an intense, crazy-busy and high stakes career as a successful lobbyist and attorney. Days folded into months, which became years, until a couple of decades had passed. And one day, she had a sort of calling – an epiphany – that led her life down a very different path. She continues to be incredibly successful in a renewed, vibrant, and holistic way.

A commitment to well-being, joy & intentional living

Watch this video. Find out how Valerie transformed her life through the practice of mindfulness and support of a vibrant community. Hear about how her intention has changed. And learn how she supports others in vocational transition and wellness as a leadership and executive coach, retreat leader, and through pilgrimages to the Camino de Santiago, Spain. Committed to well-being, joy and the power of intentional living, Valerie’s life journey is all about sharing her love transformation with others.

Friends Life Care thanks Valerie for sharing her story as part of the VigR® Meet a Member feature. This is just one more way that Friends Life Care delivers on its commitment to the award-winning philosophy: VigR® Vitality, Independence, Growth, Resilience™.


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